Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fall Family Photos

I'm just now getting outfits figured out for Christmas card pictures so I figured I should probably share our weekend getaway turned family photos in my DREAM cabin.

I've been stalking this cabin on airbnb for a while now and knew that it'd be incredible to visit in the fall with all the leaves turning. I had a photographer cancel + a friend came to the rescue, which probably worked out for the best because Rae didn't have stranger danger like usual.

Those girls are growing up so fast, it's incredible to see how alike they are + yet so different. Raelyn has always taken to her big sister role and now I'll catch her reading to Aubrey in bed in the mornings before were all awake. It's the sweetest thing and I just hope they always remain this close. 


  1. these photos are absolutely beautiful. you are such a beautiful family, and you my friend, are gorgeous!

  2. love these pics so much! what a cute cabin too!