Sunday, October 16, 2016

Canada Trip: day one

The pressure of not blogging daily is kind of amazing, but I do love that this space is a place where family and friends from afar can get a peek into our daily lives and trips. I don't think I'm ready to give up blogging completely.. because after all it completely saved my sanity when my hard drive fiasco happened and now this blog and Facebook are the only pictures I have at certain points of our life.

+ because we've had some crazy storm here in the PNW I feel like I need a break from my non stop editing streak. So here we go! Canada..

Let me preface and just say that this trip was much needed. It was filled with fun, laughter, a few tantrums from the littlest but it filled my soul up so much. So thankful for all the people who came and made it so worthwhile.

We all met at Moraine Lake the first day and this was instantly my favorite lake. The water was an insane teal blue that just needs to been seen by everyone! Rae fed a chipmunk, hiked to the top of the rock pile, Aubs had a meltdown about halfway through because she couldn't get out of the carrier and hang with the big kids, we took a million selfies (literally) and then walked around the lake. 

After Moraine we went to the Lake Louise Gondola and sadly didn't see any bears. But we did get to eat some yummy food at the top of the mountain and walk around a bit. 

I swear Raelyn wasn't as terrified as she looks in this picture haha... but it was a first for me + the girls on a ski lift. Super fun!

Afterwards it was time for us to check into our hotel. We stayed at the Fairmont Lake Louise and it was well worth all the phone calls back and forth to make sure we had rooms next to our friends, a crib, and all that stuff.. we only stayed two nights here but they were highly accommodating. There are several other cheaper options if you plan on visiting Banff, but with the girls, being centrally located and convenient to Lake Louise + Lake Moraine was high on my list. When on vacation I try not to worry about nap times and just wing it, but doing that comes random meltdowns so I just wanted our room close by if needed. Plus, it was ON Lake Louise and the views were pretty awesome to wake up to.

day two, tomorrow! ..maybe


  1. When my family and I went to Banff a million years ago, haha. We stayed at the Fairmont too. So beautiful and hands down the best hot chocolate I've ever had!!

  2. OH MY! The blog is still up and running! && I KNOW THESE PEOPLE! I love reliving this!! Day two-four, puh-lease!?

    Aunt E

  3. Love these pics, so gorgeous!! :)