Thursday, September 15, 2016

hi there!

oh heeeeyyyyyy!

Do you guys feel the crispness in the air? The mornings here are cool and crisp and I'm already grabbing my favorite sweaters to throw on in the mornings and ya know what I kinda like it. Maybe its because it was cold in Canada so I don't mind really. Speaking of, a biiiiiig recap on Canada is obviously expected. Wedding season is almost done and I can see the light, but I'm not making any promises of how well my blogging is going to be until I'm officially done.

but some fun-ish things to keep ya on your toes (if anyone still reads this thing...)
//we almost bought a cabin
//i lost my DSLR
//rae started preschool
//and I've figured out halloween costumes, or lack thereof.

Off to heat up the same cup of coffee for the third time and edit some freaking pretty pictures!

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  1. Yay halloween costumes!!! Still haven't nailed ours down yet. Abigail changes her mind only every day.

    GASP to losing your DSLR!