Thursday, August 18, 2016

finding balance.

I've sat down to write this post seven or eight times now, but one babe wants an apple picked from the tree in the backyard ten times a day and the other won't stop pestering the chickens. Our lives have gotten B U S Y lately. Wedding season is in full swing which also means my working hours are currently 8pm-2am.. which a wake up call of 6am thanks to the two tiny brunette ladies in this house. It is exhausting and I'm ever so thankful for a husband who knows that if sleeping in were a love language, that'd definitely be mine.

Handsome is also in a constant state of work mode lately. Seriously cannot wait until we get back into his old job. Looking back his fire job was cake compared to what he does now. We're so thankful for this experience, the guaranteed time he would be with the girls and I, Oregon, but were so ready for our next adventure. On top of that, bow hunting season is starting up so on top of his already 4am wake up call he's working out + going out to where he's hunting to check the cameras and shoot his bow some in the yard for practice.

Between working out, my business, re-branding my business, planning our Canada trip, the usual cooking + cleaning I feel like I am just falling short on the important things. Rae's been extra testy with us lately and disciplining her and following through is in full swing. I always think that maybe if I wasn't doing xyz she wouldn't be "acting out" but in reality she's a kid. She's three, so yeah she's gonna test her limits. The rollercoaster of emotions from her (and I, and probably Aubrey too) are real. But man she has also been so fun lately. She sings along with me to country music (Eric Church Pandora is a hit right now) squats and works out with us and just genuinely has the best conversations with us.

and then my sweet husband. God knew what he was doing when he placed him in my path. He is my saving grace a lot of days. He's always reworking his work schedule so that I can do photoshoots, always waking up extra early so he doesn't take time away from me and the girls, always alwayssss letting me sleep in and always giving me the encouragement and love that I need. In this crazy season of our life right now I'm so thankful that working out together can be our "date night", for hidden post it notes, that surprise milkshakes delivered to his work make him smile and we can drink a cup of coffee together in the mornings and have dinner as a family. I can feel God's plan working on our family and even though the days are long, they are challenging, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Because all I need are these three babes for as long as I live.

So yeah, bare with me as I slack on blogging regularly (obviously you've already caught onto that ha)  I have a few posts in the process and I know once wedding season has calmed down and all the goodness of fall activities starts it'll pick back up :)


  1. We totally get it! Life is busy! We'll still be here whenever you get back :)

  2. i get it, girl. i SOOOOO get it. summer is hard. kids are hard. life is hard. blogging can wait. :)

  3. Busy for all the best reasons! We are the same way. I'm surprisingly looking forward to things slowly down as fall approaches.

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