Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aubrey: eighteen months!

eighteen months.

A YEAR AND A HALF. Seriously people, how does it all just happen so fast. How is our littlest babe already half way to two? and don't even get me started on how Rae is soon to be four...

When we found out we were having another girl I always wondered how similar they'd be, but these two, they are so different and in the best ways.

puppies (looooves puppies!!)
peanut butter spoons
putting shoes on
her puppy stuffed animal
(really all her stuffed animals)
& eating.. if you follow me on snap or uhh.. instasnap? you know this.

doesn't love:
holding the chickens
not being able to have peanut butter spoons ALL THE TIME.

alllll the things. mommy, daddy, Rae (loves to point out all of us in pictures) puppy, please, thank you, teddi, behr, chicken, night night, siiiit, more, pool, outside, tattoo... typical things. I feel like her vocabulary has grown so much in the past few weeks.

She's just generally so happy even with cutting all four molars right now. They have all finally popped through so I'm sure she's feeling some relief. Unlike Rae, girlfriend loves to sleep. I've been putting the girls down together in Rae's room to see if they'll nap together which always ends up with Aubs in her crib, but its always so cute to hear Rae through the door saying, "Aw-BREE, shhhh! mommy's gonna come in here. shhhhhh" and bed time is even better.. she knows after bath it's bed time and will run to her room and wait for kisses.

Her sweetness is just so amazing. I ask for a kiss right before I lay her down and she always puckers up and never lets handsome leave without several kisses. Waves bye, attempts thumbs up every morning and is always shouting for Rae when I go to pick her up from the kid gym. Looks up to Rae always, she copies, sits super close and loves when they play together but gets super pissed if Rae is pushing her in a certain direction.

^ ugh. all the heart eyes. This picture makes me want a million more babies. 


  1. She is the sweeeeeeeetest thing on earth! And that last picture...please have a million more? ;)

  2. She is so, so precious! I vote for one million more!

  3. Subs is just the sweetest!! i love watching her on snap chat!!! and i can totally tell she LOOOOVES the puppy filter! :)