Thursday, July 7, 2016


Shoulda totally brought popsicles in lieu of watermelon because that would've made a catchier title huh? Next time ;) I've been telling everyone that this year we are having a late summer and when the sun does decide to come out we all do a little dance and either fill the pool up as fast as we can or grab our outdoor blanket, pack our lunch and picnic at the park!

The other day we took advantage of the nice weather and walked down to our favorite park. It's super close to the house so we get to get a little exercise, the girls get to play and anytime I don't have to clean up after lunch is a win.

JJ Cole was so kind to send us this out door mat and I honestly don't know how I never knew of these before. It's plenty big enough for all of us to fit and it comes is two sizes 5x5 or 5x7, it's water proof and it folds up to where you can carry it around your shoulder! I took it to the beach a few days later and laughed when my other friend had the exact same mat. Mama's you really need one of these in your life!

These girls of mine LOVE being outside and when I mentioned to Rae that we were going on a picnic she quickly jumped up and ran to grab both our sunglasses, hot pink lip gloss and several different Lara bars to stash in our diaper bag. Necessities right? JJ Cole also sent me a diaper bag that is so amazing. I owned ONE diaper bag when Rae was a newborn and hated it. The pockets were small, there wasn't enough room and the color was awful. This bag is HUGE, the pockets are deep, there are so many compartments to store stuff and it comes with clips to attach to a stroller.... love! Bags big enough to store all. the. things are what I look for when it comes to a bag, because let's face it it's filled with more stuff for the girls than myself.

Both the Aqua Radian Bucket Tote+ Citrus Breeze Outdoor Blanket were gifted from JJ Cole but all opinions were my own.


  1. We totally need a mat like that! There's nothing worse than thinking the ground is dry but finding out it's not when it soaks through the blanket a minute later... ;) And hooray for not cleaning up lunch!!

  2. That blanket is GORGEOUS!! Abigail is all about a picnic so I know she would absolutely love something like that!

  3. I have searched and searched for the perfect diaper bag and I still haven't come up with the one I love. I'm with you. The bigger, the better. I actually cleaned out my purse one day, it had baby outfits, socks, all palmers necklaces she wears out then decides she doesn't want to wear anymore, shoes. You name it, I'm sure it was in there!

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