Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Handsome and I never, ever go on date nights. The main reason being because I still cannot bring myself to leave the girls with someone. I know that is silly and the girls would probably be 100% fine and honestly have a blast, but I just can't. SO when my mom's in town we always plan a date night. This being our third... in the past almost four years.

With that being said, I know we probably sound kind of lame but we make sure that we have time for just us. We're pretty strict on the girls' bedtimes so that way we can have time for ourselves. We sit under the lights under the back porch, have some wine of coffee and talk. Or we make living room forts with the girls and then after their in bed we'll watch a movie in them.. so for this date I didn't want to just do a dinner and go out. I really wanted to either go on a hike that we normally wouldn't do with the girls or take the guns out and shoot and watch a sunset. So that's what we did.

I'm sure handsome was shocked when that's what I suggested, but its been a while since we've done this together. I know this subject can be a touchy subject so I won't go too much into what we believe in, but protecting ourselves in the case of an unfortunate event is important to us. My husband is a guys, guy. I love that he teaches me how to shoot, I love that he will teach our girls when that time comes. He's as careful as they come and I feel safe with him. We had a good time, the views were amazing. We were able to see four different mountain peaks but what we forgot was how dang cold it was going to be at the top of that mountain. 

It was a special night. We talked about the girls (of course) but mostly enjoyed talking to each other without interruptions, without a to do list or worrying about anything else. We wished we had taco's or a pizza to eat at that moment because we were still too cold to eat the ice cream we brought so we searched for some quick food and everything was closed. Nights like these make me so anxious for a place of our own. That field in front of us was a wheat field and the views are something we dream about. I know God has a big future planned for us, were just ready to make them into a reality ;)


  1. This looks like the most perfect night!! You two deserve more date nights!

    We don't get dates too often either! Not since Charlie has been born, for sure!

  2. Yay for dates, and shooting!! :) It's so beautiful there.