Thursday, July 7, 2016

Independence day recap!!

You guys, it may take me several posts to catch up on life.. but for now, lets recap Independence Day!! This is probably my second favorite holiday, I have the best memories of spending my summers in Tennessee and watching fireworks with all my cousins at the lake. Also, theres something about celebrating our Nation's birthday and our independence that makes this day extra special to us. 

We packed up the night before and headed out early for the beach! On the drive out to the beach there were little rain spots and the temperature was in the low 60's. Luckily we packed for cooler weather and for warmer weather. Thank goodness because after the sun burned off the clouds it turned out to be such a beautiful day.

Our friends joined us later on with Raelyn's favorite friend, Miles. She was smitten the whole time and I'm fully convinced I need to get this girl in school to make more friends. We ate lunch, searched for mussels and sand dollars and took half the beach home with us when it was time to go. 

baby girl tried to hold out on a nap, but we ended up cuddling in the hammock for a quick nap.. I love these moments.

After we got home we all realized that we got wayyyy more sun than we thought. Overcast days are tricky like that. After some food and a shower we broke out the sparklers for the girls to play with before Aubrey had to go down. She's been such a trooper with staying up later but once she sticks the thumb in her mouth I know she's ready for bed.

and once it got dark enough we lit a few fireworks in the back yard.. nothing too grand, but good enough for my girl. There were plenty of big fireworks going off around us and luckily none of them woke the girls. It was a happy fourth of july indeed and I'm so thankful to live in the Land of the free, because of the brave.

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  1. I just loved your little sparkler video! TOO cute!!