Thursday, July 21, 2016

friday things.

So many random things going on and nothing really too thrilling, but alas, you lucky ladies (and husband) get to read about 'em ;)

If you follow me along on social media then you know I lost all my pictures due to my external hard drive falling... I cried numerous times. It truly was one of the worst things I've dealt with in a really long time. That probably sounds uber dramatic but I'm talking about birth photos, ALL the pictures of the girls, pre babe pictures of just handsome and I, family photos, all our adventures... all of it gone. Not to mention a little bit of a wedding I just recently shot. But you know what, they are just pictures. It took me several days to really let that sink in, but I have my girls, my handsome and my family. All is well and my bride doesn't hate me.

I did end up getting a new macbook pro so now I am faaaaaancy. Or at least I feel like it because it runs WAY faster than my old mac, I can upload all my raw pictures and so. much. more. storage! and along with that I've bought at least $500 in backup drives.... 

and in other news, Oregon decided to get it's act together and bring the sun back. Which obviously meant the pool came back out.

These two are are in the sweetest stages right now. Rae loves to comfort Aubs if she's upset and Aubrey loves to play with Rae. The giggles I hear from their rooms when they play are what dreams are made of. But, I'd be lying if there weren't a fair share of whining between the two for not sharing. That's what sisters are for tho right?

We finally turned Rae around in her car seat at three and a half years. She was just a few pounds away from the weight limit but one afternoon I about lost it in the parking lot trying to buckle her in. So I asked handsome to turn her that evening and she's so happy. I love that she talks so much more now and she loves to see everything and Aubrey better.

This girl.. I never thought I'd have kids that just fell asleep whenever/wherever and I still don't think my girls are like that but...

lately after they've eaten lunch they watch this short 13min show on Netflix and it puts Aubs to sleep EVERY. TIME. 

aaaaaaand lastly, because you stuck through this awfully written and scatter brained post.. one last picture of these girls looking way too old, way too fast. I mean, Raelyn's giraffe legs are KILLING me.

Happiest friday!

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  1. what happened to your hard drive? is it repairable?