Friday, July 29, 2016


I seriously died when I saw Jessica post this the other day. Ever since having the girls I feel like my style has been ever changing. I'm so much more into comfort and practical that dresses with pockets is a no brainer.  and if I'm being completely honest most days I stay in my jammies until noon unless I'm going to workout. 

However, with an upcoming vacation and the fact that I've just purged so much of my stuff I figured I'd pick up a few new things. This shirt is on its way and hopefully it's not too baggy. Since we're going to Canada early September, I know it'll be cool but probably not full on jacket cold so I grabbed this jacket to layer with and now I'm on the hunt for distressed black denim and black booties. Also, I have a problem for just shopping the colors black+charchol+beige+hunter green.. like a real problem. 

and in other news, I signed up for my first photography workshop and I am SO FLIPPIN' EXCITED.

It's in Washington in an area we haven't explored and I'm so ready to learn and grow this business. I want less posing and more real. I'd love to gear my photography into more intimate weddings and elopements so I think this will be a huge step in that direction. 

and because no post is complete without the girls. Always at my side and driving me crazy in the best way possible. 


  1. Haha it's probably going to be hot the first week of september here ;) but the weather is so crazy here it could go either way! I have a serious problem with only buying neutrals when I shop too

  2. Yay for Canada!! I love it...and now I'm intrigued by this photo workshop!! I'm going to talk to Thomas !!!