Friday, July 15, 2016

day dreaming.

One of my favorite things to is sit around with handsome talking about our dreams. It usually involves a few cups of coffee and ends with us searching for property on the internet. I love that about us though. We have the same vision, the same things I want handsome genuinely wants also. It makes for future planning really fun.

Besides talking about our careers and the steps we want to take to ensure were taken care of, yet living the life we've always dreamed of we mostly end up talking about our future home. Our forever home if you will.

If you don't know this already, handsome is active duty in the Air Force and where we live is not entirely in our control and that's totally fine. It's brought us here in Oregon, a place that was once never on my radar to live and I absolutely LOVE it here. Part of me really think one day we'll come back out West. There are endless things to do here, so many hikes, mountains and adventures to be had that the South just doesn't offer us. But right now the West just isn't in our hearts to live, to raise our girls and start a forever home.

Something I love most about handsome is his genuinely respectful behavior. He was raised right, with good intentions 100% of the time. He's an honest man and a love for slow living. We both grew up in Florida and the South has our heart. We miss the friendliness, the people who open your doors and say, "yes ma'am and no sir". We miss country roads and tiny towns. Don't get me wrong, we've seen a lot of this here in Oregon but we have full trust in God that he'll bring us back to where family is close and where we can raise our girls in an acre(s) full of grass with little glimpses of farm living.

We spent a good month binge watching Fixer Upper and many a nights we spent online after searching for property, going through the pros and cons of either building our own home or finding a fixer upper. There's a long road ahead and still a whole year before we even find out where we'll be living next but the dreaming, the planning makes my heart happy.

I totally planned on sharing a little bit of whats on my forever home "must have" list... but this post got a little long, so next time ;) Hope you all have a fun weekend planned! I have a wedding on a lake this weekend and we plan to stop by the food trucks at church Sunday evening.



  1. I love this about you two. It reminds me of Adam and myself, we are the same way... we're kind of stuck right now though (it feels that way anyway)

    I would love to move back east and live a slower life, one day we will make it happen but for now we just love to look up property and homes and dream.

  2. I love to see you making the most if your uncertain-military life - thank you for your guys' service!! No better thing than to look positively at your future, besides daydreaming is sooo fun!! :)

  3. I seriously love this about you!! I can tell from what I know about you, that you two are perfect for each other and you both truly want the same thing! That is HUGE and so amazing!

    I know you will find your perfect forever home one day! We solpent countless days and nights searching houses too! So fun! And yes! Fixer upper!!!! Love that show!!

  4. love your photo and this post. We were down with family in SC last week and my niece asked me if we taught the girls to say "yes ma'am and no sir". I told her no, not out of disrespect, but no one really talks that way in the north. I wasn't raised that way (with parents via the west coast). Just a regional culture thing, she was surprised, ha.