Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weekending with our favorite.

Bet ya thought you were done reading about Father's day weekend huh?

Lucky you, I'm doing the usual Monday post on a Tuesday. Changing it up a bit ;)

This father's day wasn't the most ideal because I worked both Saturday+Sunday and Aubrey decided to get up probably ten times throughout the night on Saturday. Handsome was getting up with her because I had to be at for at 6am. That guy, he's pretty amazing. I was able to get home before he had to leave for a work thing in Washington for three days (on father's day ugh.) and it was such a sunny beautiful day.

We sat down and watched his annual father's day video which is one of my most favorite things to make (and by far his favorite gift). It is definitely time consuming but I am so happy to have the videos each year to look back on. We watched all four years so far and I teared up with every one.

After handsome came home Friday after work he saw the chalk art we did on the driveway and then we headed out to our favorite spot for sushi.

The girls were surprisingly good in the restaurant. Usually one of them is throwing food on the floor or trying to escape out of their chair. It may have been due to the fact that I brought enough rice, pizza and snacks to keep them entertained. We all ate entirely way too much sushi and left with very full bellies. 

Saturday morning was spent at the farmers market. I've been wanting to go for a few weeks now especially because we've been out on local honey and I wanted fresh eggs. We got there a little later than usual and all the eggs were sold out and I just totally forgot about honey. We did get some fresh chocolate milk, gifts for some friends and berries galore! Can't wait to go back again.

and now handsome is on his way back home so were all excited. Happy Tuesday!


  1. This video!!! So special! You guys are just precious! And Rae with the bow and arrow...yes!!!

  2. These pictures are so sweet! So much happiness!

  3. sounds like a wonderful weekend. and those berries look delicious. I must get to our market this weekend!

  4. Yearly videos are the best! oh man I wish I would have started that with Aria. I'm glad I have some little snippet videos though. And, I wish we had a market like that anywhere nearby. Ours are so sad and full of nothing.

  5. Beautiful pictures as always! I love your Father's Day video tradition. So special. Also, now I want sushi.