Sunday, June 26, 2016

sand, sun + fun.

This weekend was good for my soul. There's something about the warmth from the sun on my skin that just rejuvenates me. I think the rain stuck around longer this year and I'm happy to see tiny sun's for this whole week on my weather app :)

We've been promising Rae a night of bowling and she's been asking for a while so we went Friday evening. Our bowling ally has some grabbed some really good pizza so it was a win-win. I was worried that Aubrey was going to run around everywhere, but she sat and ate fries the whole time. That girl.... she's fire and ice I tell ya. And A LOT more fire as of lately...

Saturday we woke up early and headed out to hug point on the coast. It's where handsome and I went this past winter for our "elopement" pictures and we've been wanted to go back ever since but are always missing out on low tide. This time I actually checked the night before and we were there right on time.

There was a waterfall on the beach, tide pools, so many caves, the lush forest and just so much prettiness all around. Aubrey's favorite thing to do is roll around in the sand literally just laying in it and Rae loves to look for things to catch in her net. These girls and their exploration kill me, I love them so much.

We walked around all the shops at Cannon beach, grabbed a bite to eat and headed home. 

Sunday was a big breakfast + being in the pool at 9am and until past bedtime + watermelons + water balloons + apple picking in the backyard + and no tantrums which is a GOOD Sunday indeed.


  1. The landscape is just SO beautiful!! And the last few pictures are just GORGEOUS! I would love to take Abigail bowling sometime. I think she would love it!

  2. oh gosh those top pictures are incredible! What a location. When your backdrop is that, who wouldn't love exploring!