Friday, June 17, 2016

Dory, dancing and all the fun.

I don't know if you can call it summer around here.. the skies have still been pretty grey, but we are working hard on our summer fun list! Our local drive-in just started opening up on Thursday's and Finding Dory was playing so we jumped at the opportunity to go. Okay, I may have been more excited than Rae.... maybe.

Our drive-in gets filled quick, we get there and there is usually already 20 some cars in line. It doesn't take too long for them to open the gates and we don't really have to worry about a bad spot because we sit in the back of handsome's truck and can see well. Both time's we've been there have been puppies next to us (actually there's always a ton of dogs) and it entertains the girls forever. I brought a few games, pizza, snacks and coffee and we were set.

It doesn't get dark here until well after 9:00 so we we're waiting for almost three hours. Once it finally get dark enough (around 9:45!) they play the CUTEST short clip. Seriously, look up Piper. It was the cutest thing ever.

and Dory... specifically baby Dory, I melt. Rae was SO excited over it and that just made it a total win for the night.

It was my mom's first time at the drive-in and even though it was a a bit chilly we had a lot of fun. I do think that next time we go to we'll leave around bed time and let Aubrey fall asleep on the way out there. She gets a little crazy past 9:00 and being cooped up in the truck bed. She's not much into movies, but actually paid attention for twenty minutes or so and then we were able to get her strapped into the car seat and she fell right to sleep.

Rae lasted through the whole movie, which is longer than handsome did. I'm pretty sure he fell asleep half way through, poor guy. It was midnight by the time we were leaving and she passed out right after I buckled her up. It was such a cute movie and I'm sure we'll be watching it another time for handsome's sake at home one evening.

Other than that we've just been enjoying our time with Lola. She'll be here another month so hopefully the weather gets a bit more cheerful and we can do more fun stuff. We have a camping trip to Crater Lake planned next weekend so I'm hoping for some more sun!

and seriously, when did my girls get so BIG. I want my babies back... Rae has giraffe legs and I was able to put Aubrey's hair in baby braids yesterday.. 

Cheers to the weekend friends! 


  1. How fun!! We can't wait to see Finding Dory!

  2. Eeek! Really! When did they get so big? That drive-in looks so fun. I can't wait to go see Dory. Enjoy your time with Lola! Xoxo

  3. So cute, a few parks do movies under the stars here, but I never go since it's always so late when it gets dark. So impressed Rae stayed up the whole movie!! I'm trying to take A on a mommy date to see Dory in theaters for her first theater trip. And so awesome your mom is there for a whole month!!

  4. I want to go see Finding Dory at the drive in SO BAD!!

    How awesome that your Mom is with you guys for a MONTH! I want my Mom to come do that :) :)

    And I feel ya on the giraffe legs. Abigail's go for MILES

  5. Such a fun drive in, but I cannot imagine Aria hanging out in the back of a truck that long. But maybe if puppies are involved =) We don't have any drive ins nearby though, but I want to take Aria to see it in the theater!

  6. I saw your cute pic of Rae and promptly added "see a drive-in movie" to our summer bucket list ;) and you're right, the girls look so big!!! We've got some giraffe legs over here too.

  7. looks so fun!!! i wish there was a drive in around here! I'd love to take the girls! I remember going a couple times as a kid. Love it! Enjoy our time with Lola! :)