Thursday, June 9, 2016

Camping pt.2!

We originally had planned to stay another night in the Redwoods, but as always I was so anxious to get to the beach we opted to go there a day early. Our campsite was free luckily, but it was no where near as nice as our last. Most of our time was spent away from our campsite so it wasn't awful at all.

Our first day we drove down Hwy 101, stopping at all the spots along the Samuel H. Boardman Corridor seeing all the amazing views. I was on the hunt to find the trail to the Natural Bridges and once we did I couldn't wait to get down there. The girls hadn't ate lunch yet, so we snapped a photo and decided to do the hike the next day.

Lunches we're usually quick, made up of sandwiches and whatever lara bar the girls picked out and often ate on the go. By this point Rae was begging to go play by the beach so we walked down there and just explored until sunset.

I was worried it was going to be much cooler in the evenings by the ocean, but it was just as cool by the Redwoods and we we're all comfortable in our sweaters. The next day we woke up and drove to grab some Dutch Bro's before we went on our hike. We spotted coffee on the drive in and it was so glorious to have a big cup of coffee! We went straight to the trailhead only to find out a ways down that they didn't want you going past a certain point... so we just watched our steps, made sure not to touch any plants or vines (for fear of poison oak) and pretended like we didn't see said sign ;)


I've been dying to get to this spot and it was so beautiful. Pictures just don't do it justice. Handsome and I agreed it was our favorite spot (over Smith Rock even!) It gets kind of nerve racking hiking steep trails with the girls and looking over huge cliffs... handsome was cracking me up because I think he gets more nervous than I do. We hung out here for a bit and then decided to stop at one more spot.

This was another beautiful spot and I was kicking myself for not packing myself a dress so we could go back for family pictures at sunset... We must go back ;)

If you are in southern Oregon, I highly recommend doing any of the trails along the Samuel H. Boardman corridor. I want to say its a 20 something mile stretch of trails and I'd love to actually do more one day. Once again we stopped by the campsite, grabbed some snacks, changed into some swim suits and headed for the beach. This was going to be our last visit so we wanted to soak up as much time as possible out there.

This trip was just what we all needed. There is something magical about seeing your babes really experiencing the world around them. The dirty clothes, sandy tent, sun kissed bodies and the smell of sun screen makes my heart full. We looked for star fish and crabs, searched for chipmunks and chased each other around with belly laughs each night. These are memories that I hope the girls will be able to look back on one day and always cherish. 


  1. I legit just said to Adam that we NEED to go on a family trip down the west coast. I told him you would take us on all of these hikes ;) sooo let's make that happen! Haha!

  2. Your photos are amazing!! Looks like such an incredible trip!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! What's better than exploring nature with your family.

  4. Sooooo gorgeous..!! What an awesome family adventure. :)

  5. ugh love. ok real question, how much do the girls eat? i swear when we are out the girls want food/snacks non-stop. what kind of food do you pack, what do they eat. Also, whats the bathroom situation, I know campsites usually have them, but what about while hiking w rae?