Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Camping in the Redwoods pt.1

The Redwood National forest is something we've been looking forward to visiting when we found out we were moving to Oregon. The actual national forest was much further than we wanted to drive so we ended up at Jedediah National Park which is part of the Redwood National Forest and it did not disappoint. 

 We know that celebrating anniversaries, date nights etc are always going to involve these two ladies so picking something we would all enjoy is key. Rae's been camping once before, but we were worried about the other tiny boss of the house. Aubs loves her schedule, she knows when nap time is, when bedtime is and never fusses about 'em. Everything truly went so well. I'll do a "must have" list for camping with kids later, but for now... pictures!

The drive was roughly six hours, we left super early and got there a bit before noon and spent the day exploring and finding all the huge trees! It was really exciting walking through the woods with the girls. Aubrey kept going, "wooowww" and Stefan and I would take turns racing Rae and looking for critters. Once we walked around we went back to our campsite and set up camp.

We packed nearly the whole house and the girls never fell short of something to do. What made the trip effortless was having all our meals already cooked for the whole trip. Also, having an amazing husband who knows his way around camping ;) We had quick fires, coffee in the mornings and everything and anything packed and ready to go when needed. 

The first night our amazing sleeper (Aubrey) was like a wild animal in that tent. She went absolutely nuts and took forever to sleep. We had a few tears from both girls and knew that if we were going to last another three nights we'd have to do it differently. The dvd player made its appearance in the evenings and we'd let the girls watch for thirty minutes, Rae usually fell asleep while watching but it was just enough time to let them wind down and as soon as we shut it off and turned out the lights they were out. And unlike every day at home, both girls slept until 8:00 each morning... heaven.

and because I know this is getting lengthy, just a few snaps from the time we spent near Smith River.

The weather was so awesome the whole trip. I live for sunny days, babes smelling like sun screen and cool evenings with a beer or two. We hung out by the river for a few hours, handsome was fly fishing with Rae while Aubrey and I were throwing rocks and finding tadpoles. 

part two soon!


  1. Such a beautiful spot for camping! And there is something magical about being piled into a tent sleeping with your babe/s. Esp when they actually fall asleep and sleep in.

  2. So so beautiful all of it! I love how adventurous you guys are :) beautiful pictures and memories!

  3. Such amazing memories being made!!! And yay for sleeping in! :)

  4. UGH! Seriously!! You and Laura make camping actually look like fun!

  5. love this! been saving to read for awhile and just got the chance now. great pics and love how effortless you make it seem