Tuesday, May 31, 2016

three day weekend.

We had quite an uneventful Memorial Day Weekend, but it ended with ice cream for everyone making it a pretty great weekend.

Aubrey handled her first cone like a boss. Didn't let a single bit drop and only fussed a second when we took the last few bites away. As for Rae, she was just happy she got to have a cone to herself.

Earlier in the week we went for a quick donut and coffee date as I was dropping off my lenses and it ended up getting me a parking ticket. Portland (or any city for that matter) has the most confusing signs.. I'm obviously not meant to live in a city. 

We ended up in Bend for a barbecue for the day and it was such amazing weather. There were tons of other kids for the girls to play with and by the time we headed home both girls were so tired. We all had a lot of fun and I'm so glad we were able to get a quick trip in. I'm still sick, which is pretty annoying because it's been three weeks now and now I'm pretty sure I've strained some muscles that make it feel like I have bruised ribs which makes any movement hurt. All from coughing 24/7... so over it.

but aside from that, we had perfect little weekend and now we're off to celebrate our anniversary in the redwoods! Wish us luck, we'll be camping five days with the girls and it's Aubrey's first time ;)

Don't worry.. handsome packed alllllll the things. 


  1. Yep. Any weekend that ends with ice cream IS a good one! :)

    Have fun camping! Eek ;)

  2. I think that every time I have to parallel park somewhere. Give me a gravel road instead!!! Have a great time on your camping trip...and happy anniversary!!!

  3. Love this & cannot wait to hear about your camping trip!!