Monday, May 9, 2016

The very best weekend!

If I could, I'd happily put this weekend on repeat. Friday I took the girls out into Portland to drop off some camera stuff which gave me the chance to swing by a new coffee shop and let the girls walk around. It was supposed to be just a quick stop, but after seeing them holding hands and stopping to smell flowers or pick up rocks we ended up walking around the block and back to the car. Their relationship is totally blossoming into something really special. Both girls are at such fun ages right now and I can't tell you how many times I almost burst into tears this weekend.

We jumped at the opportunity to go to the drive-in movies when we realized that our weekends for the next several weeks are already planned. Jungle book was playing and even though it wasn't truly a kids movie, Rae enjoyed it. She'd howl every time the wolves or Mowgli did and hasn't stopped since ;) It was probably one of the coolest things we've done with them in a while. We packed dinner, snacks, popcorn and a few waters and allllll the blankets and pillows we could stuff in the bed of the truck. 

We got there super early because we knew it could possibly sell out and just threw the ball around and let the girls play. Once the sun was starting to set, I got the girls in the pajamas and the movie started just before 9:00. I was sure Aubrey would fall asleep with a bottle once it got dark and the movie was playing, but sure enough she was just a wiggly dancing (over-tired) babe the whole time. Thankfully she didn't cry and thankfully we had enough watermelon to keep her preoccupied.. they both passed out two minutes after we buckled them into their car seats. We'd definitely go back! They even play another movie after that you can stay for, which is pretty fun if you have the time.

Saturday was a high of 90! Which obviously meant I needed to get a pool... I've actually been looking forever for a bigger pool than the plastic one we've been using. This one was a little bigger than I wanted, but it's all Target had. Rae was super thrilled to fill it up and the girls played in it off and on all day. I forget how quickly the girls tan (they get it from their mama) so we've been slathering on sunblock like its our job. What's your favorite brand?

Sunday I woke up (at 8:00 might I add!) to french toast, eggs+bacon, fruit and coffee all cooked and waiting for me. I had already received my gifts from handsome and the girls Friday and so we just got to enjoy our morning and spend time together before I had to be at work.

We ate, played with the chickens and rode down to the park for a few.

It was seriously the best weekend I've had in a while. I love, loving on these littles of mine. Being a mom is something I have always wanted and I treasure it to no end. The giggles, the "i love you mommy's", the neck hugs make up for all the craziness they throw at me day to day. This weekend wouldn't have been so amazing without that hunk of a man I'm so lucky to call my husband. The handpicked flowers, the clean house and amazing meals.. you are truly my saving grace. We're a team and I'm so thankful for his unending support. 

and a very happy mother's day to our moms who are both across the country. We wouldn't be here without the love of you both. We miss them like crazy and can't wait to be closer to family! Hope all you rockstars of mama's had the very best weekend. 


  1. You're right! The best weekend!! The drive in is so, so fun. I can't wait to go sometime this summer!

    I need a good rec on sunblock too- I always forget about it. #momfail

  2. looks like the best weekend ever. the drive in!! WIN!!! and your girls are so so sweet! I love watching them together!! XO

  3. This looks like the best weekend! I love drive ins! And the girls look so so so sweet with each other!