Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This happens every year.. the weather gets better, the sun stays out longer and this little space of mine gets neglected. I kind of don't hate it? because that means we're having fun and enjoying our days! So many fun things planned this summer and mostly just soaking up all the summer goodness, like post bath animal crackers.

These jammies were a request from Rae and what kind of mom would I be if I didn't oblige to matching popsicles jams? The sister fights are totally upon us and not over toys, it's always over food. Occasionally they get upset when they can't both sit in my lap, but if Rae is anywhere near Aubrey's food she will stiff arm her. Girlfriend doesn't play when it comes to her food. 

Since we are now soccer drop outs I added on a tumbling class that goes right after Aubs tumbling class so now we all look forward to Fridays a little more. 

We attempted fishing over the weekend and got one bite but mostly just ate popcorn and watched the baby ducks. Aubrey's in the stage where she doesn't want to be held unless it's 5:00, which concerns me because I have a few hikes I really want to do and I'm wondering how long she'll stay content in the Ergo.

I started the 8 week bikini series with the Tone it up girl's and were going into week two this week. I like the workouts for the most part, but I always end up doing some form of crossfit with handsome some days because I like adding in more weight. I also ran my first 3 miles not on a treadmill in years, YEARS people. and yes, I am sore.Two of my friends are doing it with me and our group text message is my favorite, but it's been fun because were able to keep each other accountable... even when were cheating and eating dang popcorn. I took some before pictures and measured myself so we'll see how it is after the 8 weeks!

We finally moved the chickens into the coop the other day. I think it's safe to say we all are pretty obsessed over these girls. We let them out at least twice a day to roam the yard and free range. Rae is usually always holding one of them and Aubrey just tries to give em all kisses. We tried introducing the dogs in hopes of them all being able to be in the yard together, but I don't think that's happening anytime soon ;) Behr may or may not have had a chicken in his mouth at one point....

and this week is my first wedding of the season! I'm slightly terrified/excited/nervous/pumped. Say a little prayer for me will ya? Hooray!Almost the weekend!


  1. Loved this update! Obsessed with the matching jams. You know I'm all about that.

  2. Cuties, and those OUTFITS! I want them in my size!! Have a great Mother's Day!!

  3. The stiff arm--YES! We see that a lot around here too ;) Good luck with the wedding...I have no doubt you'll capture it perfectly!