Thursday, May 19, 2016

helloooo weekend!

It's Friiiiiiiiday and even though all the girls in the house are still sick I'm still pretty pumped it's the weekend. I'm definitely going to try and get a run in and maybe even a yoga session and try and sweat the sickness away? That's a thing right? I barely got off the couch all week, let alone grab my camera and take any cute pictures so enjoy the pictures we took on the beach a few weeks back. It's been a few weeks since I've done a Five on Friday so here we go!

these two.
Their bond is pretty special. Handsome loves to show her new things, the explore and not be afraid of the world in front of you and I love every bit of her adventurous side. Most weekends if we give her the option of going on a hike or to the beach, she picks the beach. I love that that's her place, the beach will forever have my heart and I love the beach out here because it's not deathly hot and there's usually a hike, a forrest to explore, the cutest towns and you can even camp out there. Can you tell I'm itching for a trip out there? 

My mom visits next month! Right after our five day anniversary trip down to the Redwoods and were all so excited. I can't wait to show her how her wedding dress turned out after it was altered (pictured above). Rae was super bummed when Sydney left so this will be a good surprise for her. Being so far away from family is hard. I hate that the girls don't get that real, one on one connection with any grandparents. FaceTime is truly a Godsend for us though; the girls light up when they get to see my mom on FT. Aubrey literally squeals and says "lola, lola lola" the whole time and Rae is to the point now where she just holds my phone to talk and shows her random things around the house. It'll be fun to have her here again and in the summer this time!

Speaking of our anniversary trip, we just got a bunch of fun stuff from Camp Brand Goods in the mail this week and I can't wait for all of us to wear it when we're camping. I'm a little (a lot) nervous to be camping five days straight with Aubs. She loves her schedule, especially when it comes to bed time so it'll be interesting to see if she'll go down easy each night.

and while we're on the subjects of vacations anyone have any recommendations of cute cafe's, coffee shops or restaurants near Banff National Park?

We're going with my friend aka Auntie Erin from Florida and we'll be staying at the Fairmont at Lake Louise the first two nights and then an airbnb the rest of our trip. It's so far away that nothing is really even planned and if Aubs is still not down for hiking long distances than we'll have to plan accordingly. 

and lastly totally unrelated to traveling. Who has read Me Before You? Who has seen the trailer? Yeah, I pretty much want to cry after seeing it, too. Also, book suggestions and go! I like to pretend I have time to read... happy friday!


  1. YAY BANFF!!!!! seriously girl, tell me when you are coming!!!

  2. Your photos always just blow me away. So incredibly gorgeous. I love getting to see the places you go and visit because the terrain is just soo completely different than where we live!

  3. Lake Louise!!!!!! Chris worked in Calgary for about a year when we were dating and Lake Louise was our favorite mini trip by far!! I can't wait to hear about the's on my bucket list!!! We really like the railway station restaurant, which is really close!

  4. Ok I'm catching up on your blog, so sorry you've all been sick, and I have been dying to go to the Fairmont in Banff! Serious bucket list! Can't wait to see this trip! And me before you cannot freaking wait!!