Tuesday, May 17, 2016

birthday week recap.

I think we can all agree that Monday's are never fun, but I am especially bummed. Birthday week has ended, my friend flew home last night and the skies are grey. So I'm just going to relive last week and share all the fun things we were able to do, because this little space of mine has been neglected just a tad bit.

One of my friends flew in from Florida at the beginning of last week and the first thing we did straight off her plane was headed to a Hillsong concert. I am such a fan of them and when I saw that Lauren Daigle was opening I remember texting Sydney and she said she was already looking at tickets to fly down ;) I can always count on her to book a plane ticket.

They both were amazing (of course) and the concert lasted MUCH longer than I thought, which was a nice surprise. We just had general admission tickets, but still had good seats where we could see everything. Worship was beautiful and the messages they speak about always tug at my heartstrings. At the very end they played Oceans, which is one of my favorites! I surprisingly didn't cry during that song, but instead to Touch the Sky. So beautiful.

The next day was my birthday and we woke up early and headed to Opal creek. We had a game plan to hike the three miles all the way back, find the natural waterslide and get in the water...

..well Aubrey had other plans. After two hours in the car she wasn't too happy about being put in the carrier and fussed at us for a good two miles. Rae was our track star, making Sydney run the whole way with her. It was fun to see her hiking by herself and definitely makes me excited for when they can both do that. We ended up just going about two miles, touch the water because it was freezing (always.) and heading back. No big deal because once we got home we filled up the girls' pool and opened a few bottles of wine. The night ended with cupcakes and playing the Taylor Swift Live world tour (so handsome could relive it with us obviously) and sang and danced our hearts out like we were at her concert again... which may or may not have been from the wine. Either way, the next day we took it easy ;)

Thursday we drove out to the coast to watch the sunset at our favorite beach. 

Sydney explored some caves, the girls played and build stick castles with handsome, we ate some chicfila and packed up as soon as the sun set because it was chilly! 

 Handsome came home early Friday so we could leave for Anacortes and after what seemed like forever we made it to a teeny (not so friendly) town. Thankfully we were only staying the night because we had so man run ins with rude people (like some lady telling me that facetiming my kids was annoying!) and caught the ferry to Friday Harbor/San Juan Islands super early.


It was windy, which made it kind of chilly but we were freakin' excited. First things first, Sydney bought some local wine for later that night and we found some coffee. I desperately needed good coffee and the vanilla latte+ extra shot of espresso was amazing.

Friday harbor is the cutest town. We hopped in and out of several stores looking for some t-shirts and also grabbed a quick salad before we boarded the next boat for our whale tour.

and sadly, no whales were seen. It was really heartbreaking actually.. the boat went all the way up into Canada but apparently the pod of whales that had just recently been seen was several hours in a different direction. We did get to see some sea lions, seals, goats, bald eagles, falcons and some other animals, but we were so bummed.

We made the 4:30 ferry just in time and drove to Seattle to stay at our airbnb. It was a cute little yurt and the most adorable host I've ever met using airbnb. She cooked breakfast and made french press coffee in the morning, I definitely recommend staying there if you're ever in seattle!

and that's a wrap. Pat yourself on the back if you made it this far ;) That was the first time I've been away from the girls for more than a day so I was super excited to get back home to them. It's always refreshing getting that girl time and coming back home always makes it that much sweeter. The girls were spoiled by handsome as always and I got cute texts like this all weekend..

and now it's Tuesday and I'm still playing catch up. but the girls are napping so I'm going to tackle this to-do list! 


  1. Aw! So cute! I know I'm always dying for just a few minutes away from the kiddos and then when I actually get it, I feel so guilty. Who tells someone that face timing their kids is annoying? What a jerk!

  2. Your adventures are so fun! :o) Birthday adventures for life!

  3. Best post! Looks like such an amazing weekend- I'm so glad you got to do it!