Thursday, April 28, 2016

With you, I am home.

When a group of crazy talented, sweet and generous people come together they create magic. Pure magic. This was a day centered around Stefan and I, a day without our beautiful babies where we could just enjoy each other. We spent the morning in a cabin tucked away in the forest and got ready to read each other vows we had just written a few weeks prior. 

Handsome and I had the wonderful opportunity to play the part in an elopement and it was so special because we didn't have a huge wedding. We got married at the courthouse and while I loved that it was just us, this was something I could've only dreamed about. An intimate ceremony on the Oregon coast with the cliffs surrounding us in a stunning gown with beautiful flowers. It was beautiful.

This is a day that I will remember forever (and not only because it was freezing and we were running back and forth to our cars to miss the rain) but because it was a day centered around our love for each other. These prints and the video at the end truly make my heart skip a beat and I couldn't have fallen in love with a more humble and hilarious person. 


Also featured on Utterly Engaged

and lastly, the video that brings me to tears. It's such a wonderful keepsake that I treasure so much. 

OREGON COAST ELOPEMENT from SLF Weddings on Vimeo.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the most amazing individuals who made this day possible. Your talent shines through in each image.

Photographer: Donny Zavala  
Dress: Claire LaFaye 
Florals and Creative Assistant: Foraged Floral
Cinematography: SLF Weddings
Venue: Oregon Coast Cabin, Nehalem, Oregon


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! You are so absolutely gorgeous!!! What a special day!! cue all the tears!!!! XO

  2. This is all so beautiful! Such a beautiful couple love your hearts and love seeing your romance 😍

  3. Everything about this is incredibly gorgeous. I envy your love for one another! Adam and I too eloped and I would LOVE to do something like this to renew our vows when our kids are a little bit older. The setting, the photos, the video, YOU TWO it's all perfection! XO

  4. You guys are beautiful and what a wonderful photos and video to have! You can tell how much you love each other... At times I felt like I was interrupting a private moment ;).

  5. This is so beautiful I am just speechless. I am so thrilled you got to do this, because it is amazing.

  6. These are stunning. Like I can't even form enough words to do them justice. Just GAH!!!