Sunday, April 10, 2016

weekend recap.

This weekend was gooooood.

and not because we went somewhere spectacular, but because the sun was shining ALL WEEKEND, in fact, all week really and it was so lovely. Friday handsome busted out of work early, I filled up the baby pool (and side note we really need a new/bigger one) changed the girls in the CUTEST suits ever made and brought the chickens out to roam. 

Chickens + the girls = happiness. 

Friday evening I attended a kickoff party for wedding creatives and just had the best time. I took zero pictures, which was actually kind of refreshing to just disconnect and chat with some of the very best in Oregon. Saturday morning I got up early for an elopement shoot and came home just in time to have snacks and a picnic in the backyard.

We also finally planned our anniversary trip to the Redwoods which contains FIVE days on camping with the girls. Making memories, right? We're excited! Especially to finally have it planned out, we were lucky to find camp sites still available.

and we justttttt watched the season finale of American Idol and while I really liked LaPorsha, Trent is so good. So happy he won. 

Hope your weekend was just as fun! 


  1. sounds like a nice weekend. your girls are so cute!!!!

  2. Oh your girls together! Too sweet!


  3. Sounds like such a great weekend and THOSE SUITS! I need one for Scarlett... if only the CAD wasn't so brutal!! :(:(:(

  4. i am LOVING all your outdoor time!!!! i cant wait until we have a yard back and we can live outside too!

  5. What a perfect weekend and what a fun trip planned!! Can't wait for those pictures!