Monday, April 11, 2016

quick meals + quick clean up.

Now that summer is quickly approaching I've been trying to cook lighter and quicker meals that require less clean up. Because if the sun is shining you can bet both girls don't want to be sitting at the table eating (well... Aubs probably doesn't mind too much)

I've found that the girls, especially Rae, will eat better if there's a colorful variety in their meal time options. Our go to for the past few weeks has been chicken sausage (the Alfresco sweet apple kind!) with sautéed zucchini, some raw vegetables and fruit. We always have cooked pasta on hand and if either babe is being hesitant I can toss in some pasta with the zucchini and sausage and they eat it all up. 

Alfresco sweet apple chicken sausage cut into small pieces and tossed in a pan to brown
Zucchini sautéed with a little coconut oil, salt and pepper
Raw veggies// our favorite's are red peppers and cucumbers!
and for the pasta I'll just cook it as normal and toss some butter on it

we're pretty simple around here, but if you're anything like us the simpler the better ;)

The colorful Boon plates (that don't slide--GENUIS!) and SNUG cups that are serious game changers in our house always get the girls excited for meal time also because Rae likes to pick and mix and match colors for her and Bre.

Now, I haven't always been a huge fan of using a dishwasher because the dishes tip over, there's water left in all the bowls and it just seemed more of a hassle. However when Boon reached out to me to review the SPAN dishwasher net I was probably more excited than I should be. 

The SPAN silicone dishwashing net securely latched to the top shelf of the dishwasher and clipped right into place making sure all my dishes were going to stay in one spot. I love how easily it stretches, definitely going to be using this bad boy this summer.

and for when we only have a few dishes to wash the new (and adorable) Boon FORB mini brush makes for washing dishes by hand super easy. Unlike a regular sponge the FORB holds soap in it's container and it won't scratch your dishes! I hand wash way more than loading the dishwasher so this has been used plenty a times already and i love it. 

and really, what's more fun than cleaning with cute stuff... the SPAN and FORB mini can be found at Target, so grab ya one when your there later this week ;) because we all know you'll be poppin' in sometime or another. 


  1. I so need a dishwashing net!! That's genius! And the Boon Snug is perfect! :) Great reviews!!

  2. Seeing the boon glass in the sink JUST CHANGED MY LIFE.

  3. We loved using our boon products, I just switched the girls over to grown up stuff and packed up our stuff, why do they grow so fast!!! Also, Kenley... won't touch pasta. She has not tried it once. Only child on earth I'm convinced.