Thursday, April 14, 2016

just a little random confessions

Man, I kind of love these random posts because I feel like I have so much random stuff to say and never have time to legitimately blog. So here we go!

I confess.. that the crookedness in this picture pains me, but after my dogs decided it was cool to tear apart my potted poppies I salvaged one and tried to style a picture. Fail. 

I confess... that this is my Snapchat picture and I kind of don't want to change it. Rae's gotta work on her selfie.

I also confess... (shamefully) that I love snap, and that some of my fav celebs to follow are Kate Hudson, Shay Mitchell, K+K from tone it up, Lauren Bushnell and Jessica Alba. Tell me some of your favs!

I confess... that we've yet again talked things over and have decided to switch it up with handsome's career. Too early in the game to even go there, but definitely putting it in Gods hands.

I confess.. that I realllllllly wanted Rae to love soccer, but after last nights meltdown I'm thinking we don't share the mutual love. If she hates it next week then I may take her out...

and finally, I confess that back porch dinners are my JAM. The dogs clean up all the mess and we get to just play afterwards. win win win. Oh and that Aubrey are half of that cowboy caviar. 

I also confess that I'm making it again tonight... 
Happy Friday Eve!


  1. One of my favorite dinners is "snack plate". Literally just whatever. Put it on a plate. Snack plate!

  2. dude. lex hated soccer too. like i'm terrified to ever enroll her again. and never ever ever change that snapchat picture. . . EVER.

  3. Haha I love that snapchat photo and I'm adding some of these celebs now! :)