Wednesday, April 6, 2016

pretzel me.

Fun fact: I used to work at a Pretzel Twister for seven years. SEVEN years, people. To be fair I started when I was around fifteen because my mom worked there part time and I was the sample girl. So embarrassing. It was actually really fun when I became manager and all my best friends were my coworkers. Many a nights pretzels were brought to parties (ohhhhh high school...) and through the years we'd try and come up with our own concoctions. Cream cheese filled garlic, Parmesan with jalepenos were my jam.

It's shocking that it's taken me this long to make them at home, but it made for the funnest baking session with Rae. She loves to help in the kitchen and the stool is the best/worst thing we could've bought her to assist.

I used this recipe and since we are old school and don't own a mixer we hand mixed/rolled it until it was the right consistency.

Next is the fun part, TOPPINGS!

Almond crunch was my favorite go-to back in the day and handsome's. Another fun fact: handsome used to come up to my store all the time, I'd give him free pretzels and he'd always help me close up. Always such a gentleman. Rae was really into dipping the pretzels in the water mixture and into each topping. 

We did cinnamon sugar, almond crunch and just salt and butter. We didn't do it, but icing makes for a yummy dip for cinnamon sugar; caramel for the almond crunch and cheese or mustard for the salted ones!

Some other fun flavors you could try are powdered sugar, garlic/parmesan or pepperoni.. 

and since handsome was at work for all the fun we dropped some off for him and his coworker at work. They were pretty amazing and now I'm wishing we had some riiiiiight about now. Or maybe that's because I just ate a salad for lunch? Go make some for me. 


  1. no joke. those are legit looking pretzels!

  2. These look so good!! You can come to my place any day and make pretzels ;)