Thursday, April 21, 2016

happy freakin' weekend!

Happy FRIDAY! We don't have much planned for this weekend, but I'm really hoping we get to watch the Jungle book with Rae because I've heard such good reviews from it. I also don't have to work past eleven on Sunday so I'm sure we can find something to get ourselves into if the rain holds off. Let's get this five on friday goin!


Today is also Earth day! I actually really love earth day. So when I got the sweetest earth day card in the mail yesterday from the sweetest neighbor I've ever had I was bummed I didn't plan something fun for the girls and I to do. Little did I know she always sends the most thoughtful gifts and now we'll be planting a little pot of flowers from Michigan. Thanks, Meg!


Ever since last years sunset dinner we agreed that this had to happen at least once a month once the weather warmed up. This past weekend we had our first sunset dinner on Roackaway beach and snapped a few pictures as the sun was going down, too. This necklace was also a gift from Meg (I tell ya, she wins at gift giving) Aubrey also has one and I just melted seeing them in necklaces for the first time.


In efforts to get the girls (and us!) eating more kale.. I've got my smoothie game face on. I actually really like kale but my stomach gets sensitive to it if I eat too much. Smoothies break it down just enough even with two or three handfuls of it in there.


Our chickens have gotten SO BIG. It's been about a month since we've had them now and we're all so in love with them. Rae especially loves Beaut, our silkie (the black one.) 

and Aubrey, she is just tickled by them. Rae will hold one of them and let Aubs "pet" them and she just giggles.

and yes, that's lettuce on her nose. so silly 24/7.


Lastly! You guys, one of my first styled shoots that I put together was featured over at Glamour and Grace this week and it just makes me so stinking happy that this dream of mine is happening. I feel so lucky to do something that I love so much while also being at home with my girls. Is it a little challenging, yes. Handsome and I are always trying to figure out a way to make things work with our schedules and I still feel guilty leaving on the weekends to do shoots. But I want the girls to know that chasing your dreams can be hard, but achievable! We're all figuring this out together and growing as a family and I am just so, so thankful to have been featured! Check it out! I'd love you for it! and follow my photography accounts on Instagram and Facebook too :) (shameless plug, sorry!)


  1. Ah! I dropped the ball and forgot to keep track of when Earth day was! Darn!
    Girl, you are so incredibly talented!! You deserve all the success in the world! Someday we will make it to the PNW and have you take our photos ;)

  2. CONGRATS!!! You deserve it, mama!! Beautiful photos and set up!!! And that little necklace is darling!

  3. KARRA! That shoot is everything!!! Like soooo dreamy! So fun to see you making your dream happen!!! And those tiny, love, love!

  4. Your family pictures are everything. Your girls are so beautiful I can't stand it!