Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Aubrey at (almost) fifteen months.

Sweet, sweet Aubs.

I'm just going to put it out there and say that having babies is THE best thing ever. The age that both the girls are at right now just makes my heart burst. Raelyn is nonstop chattering away, telling me stories and always reminding me that I'm her best friend. While Aubrey is still our little go with the flow babe who likes to throw dirt/sand and knows a good tune when she hears it.

Over the weekend we had our first beach day/sunset dinner/photo sesh and both girls were happy to play in the sand. Aubrey sprinted toward the water many-a-times and she just giggled the whole way. 

I don't plan on doing monthly updates much more, but I do want something to remember each little stage they are in. So alas...

bananas. Every morning you walk into her room to get her and she sits up and says, "nana, naaaana" and God forbid she gets a glimpse of em on the countertop she's got her hand thrown out with "gimme hands" is what we call them asking for them.
climbing on any chair
eating.. everything.
the chickens
BOOKS, ohhh she loves her some books
her baby
putting shoes on
hitting (loves to hit and thinks its hilarious when we get onto her)

baths (doesn't cry but doesn't like to be in there very long, unlike Rae)
diaper changes (we're in a "gotta move always" stage)
staying up past bedtime
cucumbers (the only food she throws at the dogs to eat)
getting her nails cut
being splashed

nana (banana)
lala (lola)
makes the cat/dog/snake noise
and I think she's starting to say waaaa for water? probably not.

She's been giving high fives and kisses to all her baby's lately and I just could watch her walk around and dance all day. Typically doesn't fight her naps, I just wish she was consistently down to one. If we have a busy day she can hang and make due with one but if were home all day she gets two. No big. Sleeping through the night still which I am SO very thankful for because Rae didn't for the longest time. Well? Until about this age actually. She looooooves food, like will walk around like a baby bird asking for more food. Drinks through a straw cup best and still takes a bottle just before bedtime. Cashew milk is our preference, but also gets puh-lenty of cheese and yogurt. 

She's super chill and gives the best neck hugs. I'll never get over her walking up to us and wrapping those arms around our necks or how she backs her little bum up until she feels us and then plops down. She loves to cuddle, thats for sure and I'll take it as long as I can. Thankfully Rae loves to cuddle also. Two babes. So blessed by these ladies. 

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  1. that lace shirt on her is amazing!! and your girls are so cute. they must get it from their beautiful mama!!! I can't believe she's almost 15 months!! The time is going by sooooo fast!!!!