Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Summer trips + dad winning.

We're pretty known for just taking off on a spontaneous weekend trip here and there, but with my taking on several weddings this summer we're having to plan a little more accordingly as far as vacations go. This may or may not be our last year here in Oregon so we are taking full advantage of it. So far we have friends coming in town, my mom, an anniversary trip and we're even heading out of country! 

Washington to go whale watching (girls trip with my friend from Florida!)
Mt. Thielsen  
Crater Lake
Driving all the way down the coast to the Redwoods
Camping in the Redwoods
Brookings & Samuel H. Boardman State Park
Banff National Park (and a whole lotta other fun stuff!) in Canada

and there's a whole album of screen shotted (is that a word?) places that will make for fun weekend/day trips. I'M SO EXCITED. Spring/summer in Oregon is the best! Can't wait to show Aubrey how it's done... Rae's already been saying, "I so exited to go to CA-NA-NA! We go find a bear! We go hiking and and and and find deeeeer" 

Speaking of finding bears and deers.. handsome came home a few weeks back with a bow for Rae. She sees him practice shooting in the yard all the time and she was so tickled when she saw hers. 

it's still hard for her to pull back on and hurts her hand a bit, hence the glove, but she aims it pretty straight and knows that it's not a toy to play with. We definitely want her to be well rounded and have knowledge with working on cars, hunting, shooting etc and handsome is great at teaching her all that. She knows what she likes and who am I to stray her from that? but I also want her to be my little shopping, sunglass wearing, juice drinkin date. 

and because I don't ever want to forget her two front teeth like they are now...


  1. So much fun!!!! You're going to love Banff!!!

    Maybe when you're in WA we can meet up!!

  2. Well rounded little ladies are the way to go! Love it! :)

  3. I think my parents have a photo of my brother and a moose in banff... Could be wrong but have fun regardless! Your summer of traveling sounds amazing!

  4. Awe!! You will definitely see lots of deer and maybe even black bears in "Canana" ;)

    We ran into a grizzly while hiking one time, it's a long story but it's basically scared me off of hiking in this one area (where bears are always around). Let's just say I almost left my dog for bait and cried the whole way down the trail LOL!

    I so hope we get to meet up! We are due for a trip to the mountains anyway so we will probably just plan ours around the same time that you're here! XO