Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Raelyn at three.

My sweet Rae babe. 
Three is proving to be super fun so far, the first couple weeks in and I would've sang a different tune but other than typical five o'clock meltdowns when we've been stuck inside all day she been just plain ole fun. And that my friends is my favorite.

//disclaimer: a bit lengthy ;)

playing outside
"jelly sammiches" aka pb&j
her chambray jumper (would literally wear it everyday if she could)
paw patrol
laying with her pups
Beaut, one of the new chicks
stalling for bedtime
giving Bre kisses before naps/bedtime
her hair down
bubbles in her bath
helping cook (you can't get this girl outta the kitchen)
BLUE straws.... blue anything

nap time (never really FIGHTS it, but definitely stalls most days)
hair clips/headbands
getting too close to the edge of a cliff or something if were hiking
when she can't blow the bubbles herself (more frustration bc she can't get a lot to come out)
not being able to hold the chicks 
spicy anything. God forbid something is red she automatically thinks its 'picy
her toothpaste (recommendations anyone?)
washing her hair
french fries or fast food in general

Rae's my shy babe. She gets that naturally as I think both handsome and I can be shy also. In her tumbling class she is awesome at all the rolls (except back flips), walks the balance beam, donkey kicks, bear crawls and wall walks. It's when you get in a circle and are supposed to do a little song/dance is where she just freezes. I'm sure the more exposure she gets in classes it'll go away. She's always asking to go to school to play with the kids, so I definitely am signing her up for a preschool a few days a week sometime after the summer.

So many days handsome and I just sit back and say how beautiful she is. She makes me cry just thinking about her. There are days where her and I will just butt heads and yeah those days suck, but the conversations we have, her playfulness and her willingness to help (with everything) is so much more fun. She's really the best big sister. We haven't had many issues with fighting just yet. I'm sure it'll come, but right now she really loves cheering Aubs up if she's crying, never lets her take a nap/go to bed without a kiss and always tries to pick out her outfits for the day. She's not a girly girl but any means and loves to be outside. If you could see the smile on her face when she knows were going on a hike or when handsome brought home her own bow.. it's pure joy. She takes after her mama and loves the beach. She'll ask to go at least once a week. 

whew! Three years, it flies by! I'm sure there a lot more I could write, but I'll leave you with a few random sayings:

If you're asking her a question or she's trying to ask you something it's usually, "can we go to Target next morning/for tonight" usually out of context.

We limit tv time in the mornings, but she often tries to talk you into "one more, one more" with her little finger waving at you.

Easily gets excited over spotting squirrels in the backyard and is always hunting for worms in the backyard.

She was looking in the fridge the other day and I had just gone grocery shopping, she gasped and said, "whoaaaa look at all dat whoa-gurt!"

Her bow and arrow is called "air bow" and now deer calls at all of us when she's looking for us.

Whispers to the dogs about behaving "I don't want you to get in trouble, Bud" and also yells at them if they are being too loud

Calls Aubrey "baby" and says, "come here baby" when she cries. 

She was face timing her auntie Erin and they were talking about our trip to Canada and Erin asked her if she would go running with her and Rae said, "no I can't run, I walk. I have to hold mommy's hand" 

She also now screams "I essscited to go to Can-nana and eat pizza and ice cream!" Thanks auntie Erin ;) 


  1. She is just absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh Rae, I love hearing your super high enthusiasm when talking about our Canada trip & all things pasta, deer/squatch calling, boy-friends (vs. friends that are boys) & even surprise broccoli. You're growing up to be such a smart little human & wonderful big sissy to Aubs even when she squeals at you for her mommy (lap)time or when she wants a cracker. Your blank looks & side eyes kill me. Love you Rae!!

    side note: yay! for the blog shotout!! :)