Sunday, March 27, 2016

jelly beans and cake.

Hi, hello! Hope your Easter weekend was filled with so much joy! It was such a blast watching the girls hunt for Easter eggs together. Rae always comes into our room when she wakes and when she got tired of waiting for us to get up she peeked through the back door and we heard, "eeeeeeee mommy mommy daddy the Easter bunny came!!!! cmon cmon cmon" Have I said how much fun holidays are with kids before? They are pure magic.

I stuffed eggs with all of Rae's favorite things: jelly beans, coins and stickers. Aubrey had her first taste of candy and begged for jelly beans any time she saw an egg on the floor. The baskets were stuffed with new swim suits (thanks, Vanessa) bubbles, bubble bath soap, chalk, some fun games and new sunnies. Lola also got Rae this puzzle and we've already done it three times. 

After breakfast was eaten by everyone except the impatient three year old ;), handsome hid the remaining eggs and I got the girls dressed. Rae would shake all the eggs before they made it into her basket and Aubrey would sneak into Rae's basket and throw her eggs back onto the ground. They had a blast and I'm glad we went out when we did because it started to rain as we were coming back inside.

The rest of the day was filled with playing chase outside, watching the girls play peekaboo, hopscotch and finally getting the finishing touches on the chicken coop. 

and because any excuse for cake... blueberry filled cake!! We also had feta herb crusted salmon and crab legs.... we're missing seafood around here. 

Here's to vacuuming my house because there's grass from the basket's alllllllll over the house. and hiding the rest of the jelly beans. 


  1. What a perfect Easter! The girls are TOO CUTE and look like they had a ton of fun. And that chicken coop...the only one I've ever seen that looks STYLISH! :)

  2. Fantastic!!!!! We headed to the zoo and when we got in the parking lot it started pouring. We stuck it out and the last 30 minutes the sun came out and it was lovely!

    Umm, Rae's dress is the best and Aubrey is too cute!!!

    Talk about a great chicken coop!!! I love it. Did y'all buy it, build it, or get a kit??

  3. What a pretty blue cake! And such a super cute Easter!

  4. Get out of town...I can't wait to see the girls in those swimsuits!!! My noly question is why didn't the easter bunny bring ME a kortni jeane suit?! ;) And that chicken coop is seriously the cutest thing in the whole wide world. Can you just come to Kansas and make my life look this pretty? :) XO

  5. Okay yes first of all THE EASTER GRASS WHYYYYY

    And the rest, you basically had the most gorgeous and amazing Easter ever! THAT FOOD. THOSE EASTER BASKETS. YOUR GIRLS. Just hands down beautiful and amazing!

  6. the CUTEST easter!!! i love those baskets, and all the eggs! and most of all those ladies. . . not to mention the CAKE!!!