Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday things.

Happy Friday party people! I was up at 5:00 because handsome was out the door around then and then two seconds later Rae crawled in bed and tucked her cold, tiny toes under my legs. She almost never goes back to sleep so we got up and she made me coffee (one of her favorite things to do in the mornings).

We didn't go anything special for St. Patricks day, honestly it's not a holiday I get into much. We scrounged our closets for something green, which was harder than I thought it'd be, and played in the backyard most of the day.

ugh. she's so beautiful. That's my new favorite picture of Rae. 

Last weekend Rae and I went on a little mommy daughter date and went to browse the new Anthro that opened up in Portland (biggest one eva!) While I don't ever buy much there, I really love seeing all the pretty installations that they come up with. 

I mean.... those florals were in the bathroom. SWOON. I think that if I weren't into photography, I'd totally take up a floral design class here. I love creating bouquets and having fresh flowers in the house is in my top 5 favorite things.

I've been meaning to do a little update on both girls, but look at this little chunk. Is it bad that I've already started looking for big girl furniture for her room? We should be moving around this time next year (maybe, who knows) but I'm already excited to re-do her room!

Sister pictures. I really need to make an album of just sister pictures. 

and lastly. I finally youtube'd how to french braid! Does that even look like a french braid? It's super cute on her and she let me do it without much fuss. Win win. Happy weekending friends!


  1. omg. french braiding will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. seriously. and those are so perfect! i love them and your little ladies! happy weekend!

  2. BEAUTIFUL girls!! Love your little Anthro makes me so excited to have a girl. :) And that french braid...adorable yet so mature! ;)

  3. French braids are the best! :)

    I had a hard time finding green to wear as well! Apparently that isn't a color I buy for any of us lol

  4. Yep...St. Patrick's Day: least favorite holiday ever ;) Love the french braids and the powdered sugar face in the background! So sweet!

  5. you rocked those french braids. i wish palmers hair was a little thicker so i could do them better on her.

    and sister pics....I LOVE THEM!

  6. That Anthro!!!!!

    I'm seriously thinking I need a crib skirt for the babes room...tell me about yours!!