Friday, March 4, 2016


This week has been such a tease as far as weather goes. One minute it was sunny and the next Rae was whipping out her rain boots to go jump in puddles and find worms. Seriously, this girl's love for worms is intense. But so are Friday's... see...

okay Friday's are her favorite because it's tumbling day and she gets a stamp. 

Earlier this week I received a sweet, sweet package from one of my favorite friends I've "met" while blogging. Jess has the kindest heart and is the owner of Sadie Sky Boutique. We've been long time followers of her business and just adore all the bows she makes. Jess was kind enough to send us a few new styles from her spring launch and we love EVERYTHING. 

I really love that both girls can share clips now and this head band is so fun! If you're needing a few new bows use KARRA20 at checkout to receive 20% off your next purchase at Sadie Sky Boutique. Easter is just around the corner and these would be perfect to stuff into some eggs!! 

I have been staying up much later than normal and I hate it. I'm such a night owl and I always work best in the evenings (maybe because the girls are sleeping haha) but in return I also hate waking up early. Thank the Lord handsome gets up with Rae 90% of the time because I would be in struggle city waking up daily at 5:30. I've been either editing, planning, working on my website or returning emails all trying to grow and promote my photography business. It has been SUCH a learning experience but I am learning and so thankful for where I'm at in this journey. I need all my friends to just come model for me for some bridals or fake engagement photo's to help build my portfolio.... and I'm totally not kidding ;)

but with the late nights I also get to have some really fun days like this day..

I wasn't the photographer here, but I did get to play dress up, drink mimosa's and watch a bunch of pretty stuff happen all day. Plus getting to talk to local creatives and other photographers is such a help. 

Bowling just might turn into a weekly thing for us. I hadn't been in YEARS and we wanted to take the girls to go do something last Sunday and after a few failed attempts at other fun places around town we ended up at the bowling alley. We only played one game and it was Rae's first time, but she had a BLAST and I can't wait to go back. 

Other than another possibly bowling trip we don't have set plans. I'm dying to get back to the coast for a hike down to the water that I missed out on last weekend from a shoot so if the weather is terrible we may do that. Happy happy friday, friends. 


  1. I don't know if I've even seen your real wedding pics, but from the ones I've seen lately you are the most stunning ever!!! So excited for you and your fun photography journey're going to rock it :)

  2. Those bows!! And how can I get to be a model?? I want to wear bridle dresses all day ;)

    Ellie has gymnastics on Fridays too and loves the tumble track and showing off that she's the only tot who can somersault