Monday, March 21, 2016

Everywhere a chick, chick...

We're singing Old McDonald all the live long day here and for good reason..

our very own little peeps!

I'd like to introduce you to Cashew, Fox, Beaut and Penny (from left to right) Cashew is a white longhorn and although I didn't want a white chicken she's supposed to be the best chicken to lay eggs and Rae picked her out. Fox is an Americauna, she's mine and she's supposed to lay green/blue eggs. Beaut is Stefan's black silkie and she will lay brown eggs. Aubs picked out her chick by squealing at it and patting it's head and her name is Penny, she is also an Americauna. 

We're new to the chicken life and were still working on where we'll be putting the coop. I don't want our dogs to stress the ladies out, but I also don't think that'll really be a HUGE issue. We really need our own little farm. I think we have this discussion at least 3 times a week. Some nights we choose to look online at potential property instead of watching our shows, haha. One day. aaaaaaaand because this nap time is flying by and I have a million things to do a few pictures of the chicks and my chicks. 


  1. Yay for chicks!! We stopped by the other day to check them out at our feed store and Ellie tried to convince me to bring them home...not until our last two survivors kick it (it's not easy adding to the flock once it's established).

  2. Oh and PS the Americaunas are my favorite. We have one left and she's the best!

  3. So cute!! I need to live on a little farm too, with chicks and a place for Finn to run around (crying emoji here) haha