Thursday, March 17, 2016


Happy St. Patrick's day friends! I'm linking up with Jessica today for a little confessional Thursday.... so here we go!

I confess...

Breakfast hasn't been the same around here since I picked up some fruit loops and lucky charms from the bulk bins last week. We'll have to avoid that aisle next week....

Pretty packaging makes me impulse buy.. 

I showered with my dog last week. Its still cold out, she needed a bath and I wasn't going outside.

I'm using breast pads as cotton balls because a. I don't want to go buy some and b. I have SO many leftover

That I am really do not like monogrammed clothing. I am probably offending some people right now, but I just really don't like it. Some if it is definitely cute, just not my style.

I'm nervous with Easter coming up that Rae's going to wonder where Marshall went. We ended up getting rid of him a few months back because he just wasn't getting out of his cage enough and I just felt awful. I couldn't stand to see him in his cage so much.

That I am thisssss close to just donating my whole closet. Now that there no more babies and no more nursing I'm ready to revamp my whole wardrobe.

And lastly, I don't even want to admit how much dirt this girl has ate... smashed in her hair.. but she's happy :) and playing with Rae so I don't mind. 


    breast pad cotton balls? sounds reasonable.. send me some!
    monogram almost anything- ew.
    oh Marshall... I miss that fury guy! Maybe Marshall has teamed up with the Easter bunny on hiding all the eggs? duh.
    & that baby mud face. that baby mud face is the darn cutest thing/was Bre eating one of Rae's mud pies?/OMG I cannot wait to cuddle that little ball of fiesty/innocence even if she does have mud all over her!

  2. Cereal is one of my great weaknesses in this life. I can't buy it otherwise I'll gobble it all up solo.

    I don't dislike monogrammed clothing but you'll never see me buying any- because then I can't reuse it or consign it later!

  3. palmer has never eaten anything buy cheerios and mini wheats! WHAT? does that make me a bad mom? she loves it so who cares. (she loves it so long as she doesn't know there are other, more deliciously sugary kinds!)

    and monograms..YUCK! No thanks!

  4. I literally LOL'ed at the breast pads that my son asked me what was funny! And I'm with you on monogrammed clothing. I don't mind it on bags and kids chairs, but on clothing (especially adults) it's just not my style. Good thing I don't live in the south ;)