Monday, March 7, 2016

Camping fun.

Spring is so close y'all! While we still have plenty of gray days ahead I'm sure, the sun has been coming out nearly everyday and this weekend was such a great break from all the gloom.

Friday I convinced handsome to skip his day of studying to head to the coast because I just couldn't get this spot out of my head. We stopped for lunch at a really great pizza spot and as we were walking out it started to rain. Womp womp...  sadly, it was also windy... really windy. Poor Rae saw glimpses of the ocean and begged to get out of the car so we finally parked and walked out for maybe two minutes.

I'm two for two for not being able to do the actual hike and I hear its pretty amazing, so I'm definitely waiting for an actual pretty day. Regardless, it was worth it. We were talking about all the trips we have planned this year and decided that we needed a smaller tent because the one we currently have is massive so to REI we went...

The girls just wanted to touch alllll the things and REI is actually one of Rae's FAVORITE stores, so we hung outside while handsome picked out a tent. In typical Tipton fashion we came straight home (thankfully dinner was already cooked in the crock pot) and put up the tent. 

SO much easier and faster to put up than our bigger one and it'll be so much easier to carry too if we have to hike to a certain destination. Raelyn was obviously ecstatic about the whole thing and kept asking for hot chocolate because it's our camping tradition.

Living room camping is as good as we can get with the weather still being chilly, but you better believe if we could hang up the Eno's we totally would. The sleeping bag we got for Rae is great too... although it was in the middle of the night both Stefan and I heard her moving around a lot and she finally said "my seeping bag won't stop moving" and was just fighting with it-- it was quite funny. I don't think she likes her legs to be restricted, but overall it works great for her. It just makes me so excited for a real camping trip.