Monday, February 8, 2016

My Monday post on a Tuesday

Handsome was gone all last week and the ladies and I held it down with a lot of Taylor swift dancin', berry eating and basically celebrating all week long. Aubs rocked her one year apt. weighing in at 20lbs and just under 31inches. And now that this little lady is ONE, I am tossing in the towel FOR GOOD on pumping. I mean, I haven't in months but kept it justincase.  Adios' sucka. That is something I will surely not miss. As of now, were still breastfeeding and will just slowly wean as necessary. 

Rae's my little helper lately. Washing dishes, cooking, sweeping, feeding the dogs.. you name it she's already "wait mommy, wait! I help. I do it!" sometimes it's frustrating but it's also exactly what she needs and is helping her little mind grow. 

With handsome home finally we celebrated Aubrey and handsome's birthday's with a little cake and some treats from a local bakery that we always stop at when were at the farmer's market. 

it was simple and sweet and the girls were just happy to have ate cake before dinner. 

Sunday we went off to the coast for a bit. The alarms were set to five am. but somewhere around 3am Aubrey woke up and when I went to go change her those couple glasses of wine I had earlier gave me  such a headache. So we hit snooze ;) so glad we still decided to go out though. The five mile hike we planned can wait for another trip.


  1. glad you were able to get away. i would love to be able to drive a couple hours and be by the ocean!!! no luck around these parts!!!

  2. That little smash cake is perfection! Sounds like a great weekend with your sweet fam :) And so exciting to say farewell to you pump!!!

  3. happy ONE sweet girl. and happy ditching that pump sweet mama. for reals though. HOW GOOD DOES IT FEEL?!!!! and k is such a chunker and weight 21lbs even, but is an inch shorter!! and STILL didnt smash her cake. it looks like you guys had the perfect weekend celebrating!! cutest fam ever!!