Thursday, February 18, 2016

I confess//

Totally jumping on the confession bandwagon because I have a whole lotta nothing for a real post.

I confess//

..that life lately has been a whirlwind. Handsome's been working late and even though my normally happy go lucky little babe is super chill she's been suppperrrrr clingy. Don't even think about putting her down otherwise she will let you know real quick she is not happy.

..that I really want Aubs to just take one nap because right now she takes two and it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get to the gym (before noon). I'm currently testing out the one nap scenario today so we'll see how life is around 4 today..

.. the thumb sucking is still pretty cute. and she self soothes so I'm still a-okay with it. 

.. the last container of formula was supposed to be the last, but I just don't think we can quit yet. Or maybe I just need to suck it up and do it? She still nurses before her nap/bedtime... but what about when were out & about on weekend trips, do I just bring almond milk? Why does this all feel so new again?

.. that this stuffed cinnamon french toast valentines breakfast was delicious. and that it was also our last hoorah to eating sweets (i.e no more cookies each night after the girls are down)

.. that I ate some of the girls' oatmeal cookies yesterday 

.. that I really love Taylor swift. Totally get it if you don't care for her music, but she is just an amazing role model for young kids. I also really would't mind seeing her in concert a million more times. 

.. that we gave up drinking milk because I dang Facebook video someone shared just really got to me. but we still eat cheese? I don't think I can give up cheese.. baby steps. 

.. that we have a little over a year left in Oregon and the unknown of where we'll be moving to next is equally scary and exciting.

.. and lastly, I confess that these delicious ice cream sandwich cookies are really from Trader Joes and I ate all the mini chocolate chips from the middle and then sprinkled on Valentine's sprinkles. EASY PEASY. and they will be making a reappearance for every holiday now ;) 


  1. i wish charlie was a thumb sucker. palmer was and it was great. she self weaned at 11 months and we never had an issue. charlie is a good sleeper and stuff, but there have been a few nights i have to go stick the soother in her mouth. not the end of the world, but thumb sucking would be easier.

    and, taylor swift = Yes!!!!!

  2. I think I saw the milk video you are talking about and i was this close to giving it up. Cheese I just can't give up!

  3. dude. the one nap/gym struggle IS REAL. i forced k to ditch her nap this morning for a gym run too. she survived-- but fell asleep on the way home and only gave me a ONE HOUR real nap (stupid construction woke her up). but I'm so ready to transition her-- even if SHES not ready.

    and the formula struggle is real. i'm so over it. and said it was my last box and then was forced to order more (see snapchat convo!). lets transition these babes to one nap and away from formula? yes? YES.

  4. Lol I love the last confession. Delicious and hilarious!

  5. Love these!!! I remember giving up formula, it was so hard because it was so brainless and easy to just give Ellie formula than to try and figure out some sort of food for her!

    Milk video? looks like some FB research is in my near future!