Monday, February 22, 2016

Hiking Angel's Rest.

I am so not ready for tomorrow to be Monday. It's nearly midnight now and I just have the biggest suspicion that Rae will be in my bed at 5:30... just like the past two days. Our weekend was especially fun because we took our first hike of the year anddddd also learned that February is still probably too cold to be hiking with the littles.

but before that! Friday after I got Aubs down for her first nap, Rae painted "pictures for daddy's birthday" and I sat there just watching her while drinking my coffee and thinking how big she's getting. She looks taller, talks way more than I can even fathom and just has this little girl look versus a toddler face now. She's definitely becoming her own little person that loves to paint, find worms and wear blue socks. 

I didn't have to be at work until later in the evening Saturday and since we've been teased by the sun several days we wanted to get out of the house and do something. Turns out everywhere was forecasted to be cloudy (typical..) but we still decided on trying to do this hike I've been wanting to do for a while. We got to the trailhead and Rae was already shouting, "lets go up! lets climb the mountain" the hike up was so pretty,  but holy crap am I out of shape. We really love getting outside and doing this stuff with the girls but our actual hikes are sporadic and the weight increases each time since we're both wearing a babe. I'm not really sure what were going to do when Rae outgrows her little pack she sits in now (which is soon).

The hike was called Angels rest along the Columbia River Gorge and it was just a little over five miles I think. I was dying on the way up, but held my pace with handsome and we made it to the top without any problems. Rae talked the entire way telling us she wanted to swim in the waterfalls we passed and Aubrey just chewed on my Ergo straps the entire time.

It wasn't until we got to the very top and let Rae down is when things got a little scary. 

Rae wanted down so bad and as soon as we let her out of the carrier she stumbled and fell. We figured maybe her feet went numb since she was sitting for a while. She stumbled several times again and kept saying her legs hurt. I figured it would go away after a few minutes but after we got her to sit down she started shaking. It was pretty cold and she kept saying how cold she was but still wanted her crackers to eat. We got pretty nervous because we knew that if you're sitting for long periods of time especially in something that can cut blood flow off to your legs can be really dangerous. We just kept her seated for a while, but the temperature started to drop (probably into the 40's) and it started to sprinkle.

We packed up, put the girls back in their carriers and booked it down as fast as we could. Their poor hands were freezing, Rae was quiet the whole way back and started to whine at one point because she was just so cold. Poor Aubrey just wanted food and if I didn't already have a cracker waiting after she finished one, she was screaming. I recited the whole book of "moo--baa--lalala" over and over so she wouldn't cry. 

It was a beautiful hike with the prettiest view at the top, but we definitely learned our lesson. Hiking with the girls is what we enjoy as a family, but even with it being mid-40s and us sweating our butt's off on the way up obviously doesn't mean the girls are going to be as warm because they aren't walking. There's a lot of work that goes into taking these girls on hikes and whatnot, but we love it. Is it extremely scary when these unfortunate moments happen? Oh yeah. I'm not sure what I would've done if something more serious were going on with Rae because we were ON TOP of a dang mountain, but thankfully we made it back to the car and cranked up the heat and ate all our snacks.

Rae's already asking when were going back and all I can think about it how freaking sore I am today. We have SO MUCH fun stuff planned for this year and were all super excited. First hike of 2016 in the books!


  1. hahah "paint, find worms and wear blue socks" very cute.
    It's a bummer when it's too cold to get out with the kids. Sitting inside isn't the most exciting. Glad she was okay.

  2. Ellie loves to paint and find worms too!!!

    So glad that Rae is doing better, I have a feeling that we would have similar experience with Ellie because she is so go with the flow!