Thursday, February 25, 2016

hello friday!

It's Fridayyyyyy-- which also means it's fuller house day and I am pretty excited about it. But definitely not more excited than I will be about Gilmore girls coming back.

Between booking weddings (what?!), planning and booking places to stay for all our trips in 2016, scheduling Rae and Aubs actvities at rec, handsome working late almost every night and being a mom and wife... I am so ready for the weekend!

but what I did accomplish this week was throwing out so much unwanted/unnecessary stuff in our kitchen. I'll be moving room to room eventually but I said adios to old medicine, old cookbooks, some random breast pump parts I found jammed in the back of a cabinet and two whole bags of marshmallows (don't worry we still have another huge bag--and we don't even eat marshmallow a lot??)  plus so much more! I am really trying to focus on everything we have and simplifying it even more.

I also made it to the gym this week and declared that I FOR REAL need to start telling myself no even when handsome comes home with these...

and I probably shouldn't have just ate an entire bag of popcorn....  because I really REALLY dread getting into one of these....

I just ordered that pretty swim suit up there and might cry when I actually put it on. I always wait to order swim suits and then all the cute ones are sold out in my size so I'm getting on it now. I think I'm going to order this one too... I'm also trying to find a one piece but none ever work out for me. Either my boobs are too big, it's riding up wayyy too much or it's just awkward. So I don't know. 

In other news, these two are as cute as can be lately. Moo Baa Lalala is Aubrey's FAVORITE book. Rae knows it by heart (as do we all) and it's nearly the cutest thing of all time hearing her "read" the book and Aubrey just giggles at her and intently listens to her. 

Aubrey has also mastered the surprised face as well as shrieking for attention. Oh, and she'll also gladly bang her cup on the table until she gets more food. She lovesssss her some puppies and does the same pointing finger move that Rae did and I have yet to get a picture of it. She's down to one nap-ish? and I don't know how I feel about that yet because it's just been an off week for all of us. 

but I did end my Thursday night at target alone.. trying on all the pretty shoes. Surprisingly nothing extra from my list came home with me. Just that dang bag of popcorn.  



  1. Cute sandals! And that popcorn does sound like trouble :)

  2. Cutest girls!!! I have done some purging too! With two kids, we are running out of space, so I am throwing everything away! I love it! Have a great weekend and relax a little! :)

  3. i'm super excited to start watching fuller house too! and that suit is cute.

    yay for the weekend. have a good one

  4. I NEED that fern swimsuit. How against bicoastal twinning are you? #notadrill

  5. love the suits...where are they from?