Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Heart Day Crafting.

Last year's valentines craft was probably one of the first crafts Rae was really able to do herself and this year I knew I wanted to keep things simple enough for her to do also. We went to Michaels one evening and that night before bed she listed off all the people she wanted to send valentines to ("erin and issa and lola and sydney and nicole!") These all happen to be MY friends and who she FaceTime's the most so I thought it was adorable.

 At nap time we got all our supplied ready and were able to finish all Valentine's before Aubs woke up. 

Honey Sticks
Ink Pads
Blank White Cards & Envelopes
Snacks ;)

There were colorful little bee's on her hands, her belly, feet.. you name it. But she successfully did them all herself with a little guidance when she got a little stamp happy.

and now the real trick is how to stay on our healthy eating through this holiday. We had birthday after birthday that we were eating cake every weekend (apparently that's a no no) but we HAVE to be festive! Amiright?


  1. You HAVE to be festive. And you have to be festive again for Easter candy... So no healthy eating allowed. Also I LOVE the idea of using honey sticks!!! So freaking cute!

  2. such cute idea. looks simple enough that P could do it too. often I find myself taking over because she can't do the craft (or its my OCD kicking in and needing it to look "perfect")