Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday things.

This week has been so BUSY, but good busy! I stayed up late painting this for a friend for her birthday. Definitely not perfect and I even wrote the wrong word (not telling you where) but it was fun. I love drawing on our chalkboard with fun quote or song lyrics so I hope she likes it. 

Yesterday I had the PRETTIEST shoots of all. Handsome tagged along with the girls because I had furniture that needed to be brought in and they just hung out afterwards.

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After the model left and we were taking stuff down I had a few more shots that needed to get done, but it was well past Aubs nap time and girlfriend was looking pretty pitiful. Her and Rae didn't make a peep the whole time.. except Rae shouting, "mommy dats beautifuuuul" (SO stinkin cute) so I strapped her in a finished. She fell right asleep, sweet babe.

Valentines is this weekend and I WAS going to make heart shaped pizza's but to be honest I'm pizza'd out. We had it last night because it ended up being a late night and I really just want some healthier--- thoughts?? I though about making our own sushi? but that also seems like a lot of work. HA!

Still looking for a quick DIY valentines that is super easy? These "Bee Mine" honey stick valentines were super simple!

Hope your weekend is filled with lots of love and sweets!! Happy Valentine's Day :)


  1. your painting is beautiful! you are talented, girl! :)

    and the photos of the girls in the sweet skirts - your girls are too cute!

  2. I'm loving that painting!! Great job.

    Rae's shoes are so adorable!!