Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Type A, all the way.

Tell me I'm not alone when I say that I get all sorts of excited over new planners, new calendars and new pens? Basically school shopping is my fav. but every year handsome gifts me a new planner and I love 'em for it. 

last year I had a fancier one from a beautiful mess, but I really just like the layout of the Cambridge Target one's. Plus, black matte wins me over all the time. I also picked up that cute floral calendar in their dollar section-- love that it looks like Rifle Paper Co! and how am I the last to know about the best pens ever? Fun colors and they don't bleed through--sold!

I've always be really organized, so I wouldn't call this a resolution at all but I do really want to stay on top of meal planning and eating healthier meals. Not only does it save us from the awful, "what do you want to eat tonight" debacle, but it saves us so much money when we go shopping. A lot of nights are chicken+ sliced sweet potatoes w/coconut oil + veggies (bonus that both girls eat every bit of this) but I do want to expand in the healthy eating options. 

so! I'm striving to have two vegan meals each week, which shouldn't be too complicated because we don't eat much meat and then also stick to our go to meals plus some fun stuff. I like being able to look at this at then be able to make the grocery list for the week. I really think it'll help save time and keep us from buying things we don't "need". 

and the sweetest little story... my mom got both of the girls new cups as stocking stuffers and both girls LOVE them. I only packed one when we went to the gym this morning and as soon as Raelyn drank some she looked at Aubrey and said, "Awbee you want some wadur?" handed the cup to her and said, "you welcum!" gahhhh okay maybe not amazing to you, but it was so sweet to hear as I was driving. 

love love love these little ladies of mine. 

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  1. omg. wow cups are the BOMB. we LOVED them with lex-- but they got used and abused so now that you reminded me i totally need to order more!!!