Wednesday, January 13, 2016


 I went through every picture ever taken of this sweet girl last night. From birth until now... I cried, laughed and realized just how much she has grown into this beautiful, crazy, sincere and silly little lady. 

If you know Raelyn, you know that her love for jeeps runs deep
her heart is for the outdoors and will never turn down the opportunity to climb a mount
her favorite princess is Aerial 
crawls into our bed each morning 
loves her pasta.. cold with butter over spaghetti sauce
favorite color is blue (and sometimes green)
is the cuddliest after her nap
sweet talks you into a snack after bath time
and asks for pancakes with blueberries every morning.

This year was a big year for her, she went from our only babe to the proud title of big sister and has rocked it completely. Tumbling is her favorite and she is so proud that she has mastered an actual somersault. A little preschool might be just around the corner because she asks to go to school daily to see "her kids". I love every bit of her love for adventure. Any time the garage door opens she's out there, helping stefan work on the truck.. asking to drive the truck.. asking to go on 'ventures and to ride her motorcycle (her bike haha). She's strong willed--so strong willed, but also the sweetest. 

We celebrated last weekend kept it simple... a little wildflowers/forest theme with a chocolate cake per request of the birthday girl. The sweetest friend of mine sent her birthday outfit and it tied in perfectly. 

Aubrey went to town on those tree pb&j's.

Chocolate cake and to go in the woods were Rae's birthday wishes so the day after our own shindig we went into Tillamook National Forest, found so many deer tracks (always her favorite) and played in the snow as much as we could be I dropped the ball and forgot diapers for Bre...

You're so loved Rae! Happy three! 


  1. Awe! Everything looked perfect and I love Rae's little dress! Happy third birthday, sweet girl!! :)

  2. Aww...Happy Birthday! She looked so adorable on her big day!

  3. Happy birthday, sweet girl!! I love her dress and everything looks perfectly amazing!

  4. What a sweet set up and adorable birthday girl. :) Happy happy birthday!!

  5. I just adore this sweet little birthday. Her dress and of course you naked cakes always take the cake for me!! I'm so inspired to make one now!!

  6. Happy Birthday! I love how sweet you make her celebration each year, special memories!