Thursday, January 21, 2016

happy happy friday!

Oh hi there! It's been a while... I have been spending less time on my computer while the girls are up and while they've been napping I've been knee deep in some photography stuff that I am just *too* excited about.

So while I have nothing REALLY exciting, I did round up some pretty stuff that I'm lusting over lately.

It's pretty gray over here in Oregon. You can't beat the summers, but its SO bleh right now and I'm totally envious of all the pretty light filled squares on my insta lately. So naturally all these pretty floral prints and fun spring colors are totally making their way into my cart..

I've been purging like crazy.. and by purging I mean putting clothes and who knows what else in plastic bags and tossing them in the garage to be taken to the donation center. Which ultimately hasn't happened in weeks so my poor husband is just getting less and less space. But with that said, I've taken alllll the baby gear/toys outta the house and am finally admitting that we are dunzo on baby business. 

This also means that I went through both closets and Raelyn officially needs some new pants (and basically everything else) and Bre is fitting into all of her sisters 12mo clothes. 

Were in this really great new world of sisterly playing that is equally terrifying. One minute its the biggest, best belly laughs from both girls as the "chase" each other from one room to the next and then the next I look over at Rae trying to body slam Aubrey or choke hold her. Mind you, you plays like this with her dad every night so there's been A LOT of "you can't jump on your sister" talk.

but mostly, lots of smiles.. and check out that SWEET oven handsome made Rae for her birthday. Maybe next Christmas they'll get a real one, but for now these two share coffee on the table and cook up donuts daily. 

Aubrey is officially getting her second tooth-- which is so funny to me because Rae had eight at this point. She's our all star sleeper and is the easiest going, smily babe ALWAYS but the past few days if you're not holding her she's so sad. So we've been doing a lot of cooking like this..

In other news, one of our boxers got sprayed in the face by a skunk the other night. This happened late at night of course so I ran to the store to get the essential skunk smell remover items, he got a bath and lucky him it was freezing out so he didn't have to sleep outside. This poor dog has been bit by a copperhead, nearly died from swallowing a rawhide (terrifying) and then this. 

and sadly, my big girl camera has been at the shop ever since Rae's birthday which I am praying is nothing serious.. but I did have to pull my an old memory card from it and found these gems from this summer. Look at baby Bre trying to stand on her own and I cannot believe how little Rae looks here.

 these pictures make me miss summer so badly. Who's with me?! Spring should start immediately after the New year!

happy friday!


  1. i totally agree with you, it has already snowed so we've enjoyed winter time, now it's time for spring!

  2. That oven is awesome!!! I noticed it before you even mentioned it and was going to say that it's a genius idea!!!

    You said photography and I got an idea!! It probably won't come to fruition but it's worth throwing around.