Friday, January 1, 2016

farewell, 2015!


2016 is no doubt going to be filled with more laughter, more trials and more love. I couldn't have survived last year without the beautiful people I get to call my family. 2015 flew by so fast, but it was a chapter that I hold so dear to my heart. We completed our family of four, explored even more of the pacific northwest, listened to the sweetest sets of laughter and handsome and I learned how to give ourselves grace. It was a heck of a good year, here's some of my favorites:

the very last bump picture.

Raelyn's second birthday; the piƱata might have to come back this year ;)

Aubrey babe. This little peach has been along for the ride the whole time and is such a fan of her big sister it just melts me. 

the beginning of alllll the sister pictures.

A LOT of lounging and forts in the living room.

fishing, strawberry picking, so much summer loving.

real life.

the sunniest, sandiest trip to Florida

Aubrey got her wings and I survived my first solo plane ride with both babes.

these cute FSU fans... a chips and salsa tradition has now started with any game day. 
and the beginning of so many fall events

Snowy sledding on the mountain and one very persistant lady who HAS to find baby deer anytime we're in the snow.

and of course Christmas and New Years.


  1. So sweet! Love all the sister pics!! Happy 2016!

  2. Looks like a good year indeed!! :) Happy new year to you and your sweet family, Karra! XO

  3. This is so cute! I was a little surprised the backyard twinkle lights didn't make the! :)
    Glad you all had a great year.