Thursday, January 7, 2016

Exploring Oregon in 2015

Now that we're officially into 2016 I can't help but start to plan new places for us to explore this year. Who am I kidding.. we've been jotting down ideas for months now and if we had an endless budget, every weekend we'd be on the road. Now that Rae's a bit older and we have an extra babe to wrangle on hikes it's sure to be interesting. but FUN! So much fun to be had this year.

We try to take one "big" trip each year.. last year was Florida and this year we're planning on taking Hwy 101 all the way down the Oregon coast into California to the Redwoods then over to Crater Lake. There's endless stop that could happen on that trip and it's sure to be just the prettiest drive. I can't waiiiiiiit. I also really want to go to Banff National Park in Canada... so let's see if handsome can pull that one off too ;) iloveyoubabe

But before all that, a look back onto all the adventures we were so lucky to go on in 2015.

Abiqua Falls (dying to see this frozen)

Gearhart Beach (our fav!) but also many other spots along the coast 

Devils Punch Bowl, Cannon Beach

Hug Point

Mary's Peak, Corvallis

and Taylor Swift in Seattle because I wouldn't mind reliving this day again 

& a few snowy Mt. Hood adventures!

Adventuring and doing it as a family is a huge part of our family. Is it hard with two babes in tow? Absolutely! But nothing speaks to mine and handsome's heart more than to hear Rae constantly ask to go on 'ventures and hike. Do I wish that handsome and I could go on more one on one dates or a solo trip? A thousand times yes! but military life often means no family to help so doing these things as a family brings us closer each trip. I wouldn't trade this life or these crazies for anything in the world. God has blessed us so very much. So thankful for this life and family of mine. Here's to more adventures this year!! 


  1. I just love all of the adventure's you guys go on! I need to start doing more with the kiddies! It's my goal for 2016! :) oh and if you go to Banff you better message me because you'll be driving right through my town on the way. Heck I would even drive up there to see you!!

  2. I went to Banff in high school and didn't appreciate it as much as I would now, but I've been dying to go back ever since!! I tell Thomas on the reg that I want to go to Banff!!!

  3. Love these pictures! Here's to more family adventures in 2016!! XO, Kelly

  4. I really enjoyed seeing these pictures. You are very talented. Glad 2015 was great...cheers to 2016! :)

  5. Beautiful photos

  6. I am just so in awe of all your guys accomplished in just a year. I know there is more 'nature' here than it seems, but the west coast has sooo much to offer. I hope we are able to plan some fun "ventures" for the year! Would love more posts on how you guys accomplish the trips with the little ones!

  7. All these pictures are stunning!!!