Monday, January 4, 2016

december things.

I know, I know it's January but I couldn't let these snippets of December fun go unnoticed. 

1. Free milkshake and fries when we went in for Five Guys 
2. Lola had to read the bedtime book almost every night while she was here
3. Snapchat fun
4. Last day of tumbling--she LOVED it
5. Auntie Lyss at our cabin with Bre
6. Giving the side eye to Anna and Elsa singing 
7. again.. not impressed
8. Ice skating was such a hit. Can't wait to take her again
9. Leaving the mailman our present for him

1. Baby girl loving her new baby doll.
2. Rae successfully captured a stuffed animal from one of those claw machines ALL BY HERSELF. I've never even done that before? and hot chocolate after ice skating, duh.
3. The biggest bestest kissy face
4. Santa cookies
5. Apple Blueberry pie win
6. Independent play? never happens..
8. A very windy New years day
9. In handsome's new truck.. and a forward facing Rae (only in the truck!)

I'm in full on cleaning mode. I really love being organized and keeping minimal clutter and after the holidays it just seems like the whole house gets out of control. So I'm purging the closets, going through both babes' closets and donating what's too small. Going through my closet AGAIN because now that I'm not pregnant/about the give birth for the 3rd year in a row I can finally get/start? to have style again.. especially now that soon I won't have to plan outfits around what's best for breastfeeding (HOORAY!) happy monday, friends!

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  1. Rae's unimpressed expression is too much! And I'm sorry, but did you braid the dough on the top of that blueberry pie?!? That's AMAZING!!! And hooray for regular outfits and bras!!!