Sunday, January 3, 2016


One more month until O N E .... tell me this year flew by just as fast for you as it did us? because I seriously feel like i've blinked and I have a walking, sneaky, CLIMBING, dancing, giggle babe. I full on refuse to call her anything but a baby because my little baby she will always be.

This month has been full of laughs (ESPECIALLY when Raelyn's involved) Aubrey girl LOVES her sister. She likes to steal her stuffed animals and squeal as she runs away from her sister. It's so dang cute to see them "play" now. Rae often mistakes? hugs as choke holds and I know girlfriend likes her sister so were reminding her that her neck is a gentle area. We have learned that Aubrey is not a fan of a cranky Rae. If Rae starts crying you better believe she's going to start too. Pretty sure the noise just freaks her out.

This month has also brought fevers and runny noses galore and while I hate to see my smiling babe sick, the cuddles have been bliss.

Thankfully we've kicked the bad stuff and just dealing with snot. Gross, but not as concerning. 
Babe loves to dance. Pandora plays at our house ninety percent of the day and she starts dancing as soon as she sees me go turn it on. If you ask her for kisses she sucks her big ol cheeks WAY in and gives you a kiss--my FAV. While we are still nursing it's been a lot less. Mainly in the mornings, nap time or for bedtime. She loves to eat and hasn't turned her head at anything we've given her yet. She got her first taste of filipino food while my mom was here and was in heaven. (we all we're..) 

I've walked into the living room a few different times to catch Bre on top of our coffee table. She climbs on top of the dogs to get up there.. she's also learned to completely empty a drawer, put everything back in and then empty it again ;) gotta love her. 

Now that Christmas is over I'm in full party prep for both my ladies! Trying to keep things simple since it'll just be the four of us, but birthdays and cake are always something to get excited over. 

Happy eleven months, Aubrey girl. 

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  1. ok! we have a climber too. . . and k cant even walk or stand yet. so i'm terrified. and the dancing! I LOVE LITTLE BOOTY SHAKES!! happy 11 months sweet aubrey!!!