Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tree Farm Fun

Last year when we took our Christmas card pictures at the tree farm we fell in love with the couple who ran the farm there. Seriously, the sweetest! So we went back again this year. Twice ;)

We went the first day with full intention of getting a little four foot charlie brown tree and just putting it up high so that both babes couldn't get to it, but when we got to the lot with all the baby trees we just couldn't do it. I mean, as adorable as those tree's were I feel like we would have been missing out. So we left with twenty something feet of garland instead.. and I LOVEEEE it. It's everywhere. 

and because we stillllllll don't have our jeep back (going on a month y'all) handsome made it work with my car and we left with a "big tree" in request by Rae.

still not as big as we'd like, but with Aubrey walking and basically eating any leaf, stick or rock that ends up inside we cut down our little table and still put our tree up a little higher so four tiny hands couldn't tear it apart. 

we left with hot chocolate and came straight home to decorate. One broken ornament and a happy little lady who kept saying, "we have to deco-ate!" over and over and over again.. I just love this season. 


  1. i'm going to need the girls outfits in my size. THANKS. also. that tree farm looks like the cutest!! we have NOTHING fun like that around us!!

  2. This is one of my favorite traditions! And we are all about the real garlands too!

  3. Sweetest pictures ever. Their outfits!!!!! :) :)